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Payroll tax is stuck on Continue to Tax Set up,.. andy reason why?

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll tax is stuck on Continue to Tax Set up,.. andy reason why?

Hi there, 


Incorporating Payroll with your QuickBooks Online account is such an awesome way to save you even more time with your bookkeeping. Keeping things streamlined and organized in one place is what QuickBooks is all about, and I'm happy to hear you're taking advantage of all these great tools. 

If you're noticing that the system is unresponsive after you click "Continue to tax setup", you're likely experiencing a browser-related issue. I'd be happy to help you sort this out and get back on track.


Try clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser. These are the stored Internet files that build up over time and they can cause bugs like latency and loading issues QBO and other sites. The steps to clear them are different depending on your browser, so take a look at this article for help: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.


Once you've cleared them out, try logging out and exiting your browser. Then, relaunch the browser and log back in and see if the issue is persistent. If it's still stuck on this step, try logging into QBO in an Incognito window as explained here: Browse in private

If the issue continues, try using an alternative browser all together. 

If you've tried all the above steps and you're still unable to move past the tax set up message, please reach out to our tech support team so we can further investigate. 

Enjoy your day.

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