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Preparing an ROE for an employee who is no longer on payroll

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QuickBooks Team

Preparing an ROE for an employee who is no longer on payroll

Hi there, 


Creating your ROE's for employees who are no longer on your payroll is a quick and simple process when you have QuickBooks Online. It's vital that you can prepare your ROE without any hassle, and this is more than possible with the right resources. I'd be glad to share the steps with you so you can get back to work. 

Take a look at this article for a complete list of instructions: Create a Record of Employment (ROE). This article will guide you through creating and locating a ROE for active, inactive, and terminated employees.


If you're using Advanced Payroll powered by Wagepoint, make sure you're clicking the link in the article for specific steps for this payroll product. 


I hope this helps get you back on track. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our tech support team


Have a great day.