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Set up a new employee

This article will give you the instructions on how to set up, add or enter a new employee in QuickBooks Desktop.

To add a new employee:

  1. Open the New Employee window:

    1. From the menus at the top, click Employees > Employee Centre
    2. At the upper left of the Employee Centre, select New Employee.
  2. Go to the Personal tab. Complete the fields in the tab. The employee's name and date of birth are mandatory fields.
  3. Click the Address & Contact tab and complete the fields in the tab.
  4. Click the Additional Info tab, and enter any information you want to store for the employee.
    • Enter information need in CUSTOM FIELDS, and/or click Define Fields to add custom fields to track employee information, such as birthday or spouse's name.
  5. Click the Payroll Info tab. Enter applicable information regarding compensation and benefits.

    1. In the Earnings section, click the Item Name dropdown button.
    2. Select or add an item, and enter the Hourly/Annual Rate.
    3. In the Additions, Deductions and Company Contributions section, click the Item Name dropdown button.
      • Example: benefits, retirement plans, etc.
    4. Select or add an item, and enter the Amount and Limit for every item selected or added.
    5. Click the Payroll Schedule dropdown button, and select or add a new schedule.
    6. Click the Pay Frequency dropdown button, and select or add a new frequency.
    7. Click the Class dropdown button, and select or add a new class.
    8. Click Taxes and TD1 button to set up Provincial, Federal and Other taxes. Note: When you set up an employee in a new province, you are prompted to set up the provincial taxes if the information is not already entered.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Click Vacation Pay button, and setup the sick and vacation information.
    11. Click OK.
    12. You can click Direct Deposit button to set up direct depost for your employees through Telpay, a 3rd party supplier who manages this service and bills you directly for it.
    13. Click OK.
  6. Click the Employment Info tab.

    1. Select Hire Date.
    2. Select Release Date for terminated employees. You will also need to select an ROE Code for terminated employees.
  7. Click OK to save, or click Next to add another employee to the list.

Want to set up employee defaults?

You can set up employee defaults in QuickBooks Desktop for items such as Earnings, Additions, Deductions, Company Contributions, Taxes and Sick/Vacation. Each time a new employee is added, the employee default setup will appear on the employee profile.

  1. Click Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click Payroll & Employees.
  3. Click the Company Preferences tab.
  4. Click the Employee Defaults button.
  5. Add or make changes to the Employee default profile.
  6. Click OK twice to save your changes.

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