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Set up direct deposit for employees

Learn how to set up and manage your employees' direct deposit in payroll.

With payroll, you can pay your employees with direct deposit. Here's how to set up and add employees to direct deposit.

Before setting up direct deposit

  • You can set up direct deposits for chequing, savings, or money market accounts. You'll need a routing number and account number.
  • Employees will need to verify with their bank whether the money market account should be set up as savings or chequing.
  • We have a Direct Deposit Authorization form you can use to give to your team. Ask each individual to fill out, sign, and date the form. Your employees can also attach a voided cheque to provide the necessary bank account information (not a deposit slip). If splitting deposits between two separate bank accounts, a voided cheque for each account should be provided. This form is for your records.

Step 1: Get the paperwork together

First, you need to have your employees fill out a direct deposit authorization form and give you a voided check so you have their account info.

Learn where to find the form and print it with:

  1. Go to Taxes and select Payroll Tax.
  2. Select Employee Setup.
  3. At Authorization for Direct Deposit select Bank Verification, then select View and print.

Step 2: Add your employee to direct deposit

After you complete this setup, the next pay cheque you create for the employee will be marked for direct deposit.

Splits can only be done as a dollar amount, not as a percentage.

  1. Go to Workers and select Employees.
  2. Select the employee's name, then select Edit ✎ beside Pay.
  3. Under How do you want to pay this employee?, select the way the employee wants to receive their pay:
    • Direct deposit
    • Direct deposit to two accounts
    • Direct deposit with balance as a cheque
  4. Enter the routing and account numbers from the employee's voided cheque, then select Done.

Change an employee's direct deposit information

If you need to update a bank account, you can change the employee's direct deposit information.

Disable direct deposit temporarily on a pay cheque

If you need to pay with a pay cheque once or twice, you can temporarily turn off direct deposit on a payroll cheque.

Remove an employee from direct deposit

You can remove an employee's direct deposit info and switch them to paper cheques.

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