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What to do if you hit a direct deposit limit?

Learn what you can do if you get a notification about a direct deposit limit.

We place caps on how much money you can send over direct deposit to help protect your business from fraud. When you send more money than usual, you may get a message saying you hit a limit.

When you get that message, there are three things you can do:

Lower the direct deposit amount

If you hit a direct deposit limit, you can lower the amount you’re sending off.

Make a direct deposit increase request or change the funding time

Submit an online request to increase your direct deposit security limit or change the funding time to a 5-day lead time. This is the quickest way to request an adjustment to your account. Our team will contact you once your information has been reviewed.

Typically, requests are reviewed within 2 business days. If you’re making a request during a busy season, it may take more time to process your request. Additional documentation may be required which may delay the request, such as a bank statement.

Pay your employee with a paper cheque

If you need to send out a payment right away, you can write a paper cheque and record it. Before you send your employee [conditional show_hide="hide" ]or contractor a paper cheque, make sure you delete the unprocessed direct deposit cheque.

Next steps

Do I have another option if I don't want to raise my direct deposit limit or the limit increase is denied?

Many companies exceed the limits only once or twice a year when they pay bonuses. To avoid exceeding the limit, consider paying large bonuses by cheque instead of using direct deposit. You could also break up your direct deposit into separate cheque dates.

What are the 6 months of bank statements for and what does Intuit do with it?

If you’re asked to send us a bank statement, we need to know your average historical balance. Knowing this information helps us determine whether your account is sufficiently funded for the direct deposit limits you’re requesting.

Where do I send the 6 months of bank statements?

If you’re told to send us a bank statement, you can fax it to us at 775-201-7335 or email it to

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