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Create and manage breaks in QuickBooks Time

Break Types:

  • An automatic break is one that is inserted into team members' timesheets, without their control, on days and times specified in the break rule. When deciding whether or not to set automatic breaks, we recommend that you consult a labour/employment attorney in your country. If your company is in the US, you also might want to check the US Dept of Labour's website and your state's labour laws.
  • A manual break is one that is started and stopped by individual team members at any time, except if "Team member can't end break early" is selected.


  • Only account administrators can create and manage break rules.
  • GPS tracking is automatically turned off during breaks.
  • When team members select End Break, if they were clocked into a job or customer before the break, they will be automatically clocked back into that job or customer.
  • When a team member takes a break in QuickBooks Time, an additional timesheet is created. To view that timesheet, go to Time Entries > Timesheets.
  • Paid breaks are included in overtime calculations.

Automatic Breaks Notes:

  • If a break is set up as both automatic and manual, at the end of the shift, QuickBooks Time will only insert an automatic break if the team member did not take a manual break.
  • Automatic breaks are applied to timesheets in the order they are entered into the system and may overlap.
  • Automatic breaks only apply to clock in and out timesheets, not manually added timesheets (unless "Apply break rule on save" is selected when manually creating a clock in and out timesheet via Timesheet Editor).

Install the breaks add-on

  1. In the left menu, go to Feature Add-ons Manage Add-ons.
  2. Scroll down to the Breaks add-on, and select Install.

Create a break

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons Breaks.
  2. In the Breaks Preferences window, select Add Break Rule.
  3. Enter the name of the break, the length, and select Paid or Unpaid.
  4. By default, the break rule is assigned to all team members. To view and assign to individual team members, select all team members.
  5. Uncheck the Uncheck All box, select + next to the group name (if groups have been set up), choose individual groups or team members, and select OK.
  7. In the Break Rules window, make the final selections, and select Save. The Breaks Preferences window displays with the new break rule Active status set to ON.

Assign or unassign a break to a team member, all team members, or groups

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons Breaks.
  2. In the Breaks Preferences window, under Name, select the break that you want to assign.
  3. Assign the break:
    • To assign the break to all team members, leave it set to all team members.
    • To assign the break rule to individual team members or groups, select all team members > +, check the box next to the team member's or group's name, and select OK.
  4. In the Break Rule window, select Save.

Turn a break on or off

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Breaks.
  2. In the Breaks Preferences window, to the right of the break name, select the ON/OFF button.
    The current Active state displays, for example:

Delete a break

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons Breaks.
  2. In the Breaks Preferences window, under Name, check the box to the left of the appropriate break, select Delete and then OK to confirm.

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