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View or change your direct deposit funding time

Learn how to find or update your direct deposit funding time in QuickBooks Payroll.

Wondering when your workers will see funds in their accounts? Find your funding time to see how long it will take from when you submit your payroll to the day your employees or contractors receive their direct deposits.

What are the funding times?

Depending on your product, you have one of the following funding times.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

  • 2-day: Workers are paid two banking days after you send your payroll to us.
  • 5-day: Workers are paid five banking days after you send your payroll to us.

How do I see my funding time?

If you're using QuickBooks Payroll, here's how to see your funding time.

  1. Select Settings ⚙️, then Payroll settings.
  2. Scroll to the Direct Deposit section. You'll see your funding time above your direct deposit limits.

QuickBooks Online Payroll products, have either 2-day or 5-day funding time, and both require an approved direct deposit limit amount. Other funding times are currently not available.

How do I get a faster funding time?

If you're using QuickBooks QuickBooks Payroll products, you can request a faster funding time online if you are on 5-day funding time. You'll need to provide 6 months of your most recent bank statements and can upload them with your request.The 6 months average ending balance of the bank statements provided and/or current payroll volume will help determine if your direct deposit limit amount can be adjusted.

Want to know more about direct deposit limit? Check out on what you can do if you hit a direct deposit limit.

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