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Accountant T2 corporate tax returns in QuickBooks Online Accountant

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Access tax returns in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Select Pro Tax from the main navigation menu and then select T2.


Export from QuickBooks Online to GIFI file

  1. In QuickBooks, navigate to the Workpapers section for your client’s books.
  2. Check the Working Trial Balance and the GIFI Mapping to ensure that all the work is completed. Any unassigned codes can be done under GIFI mapping section.
  3. To assign GIFI Codes, review the list and select Assign GIFI Codes.
  4. A row will appear beneath the line you wish to map. Select the GIFI code from the list.
  5. Once completed, select Save GIFI code at the top-right corner. This saves the information in a GIFI File format.
  6. Open Tax Return and create a return or open the return you want to import the GIFI codes into.

Create a return (GIFI file)

  1. Once the GIFI code is mapped, select Create New Return.
  2. Select the data source. The available options are:
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant client Workpapers with completed GIFI Mapping
  • External source. The preferred formats are .gfi or .txt files
  • A blank return can also be generated for manual entry

3. Select the client file you want to work with, give the return a name, and select Continue.

Begin the return


The Forms tab allows users to enter information, as well as add or remove schedules. Note that once a schedule is removed all related forms will be removed, as well.

To enter data, select Data input button. To view the return as a CRA form, select PDF form.


Add a new form

Select Add new form or letter; a new search window displays and allows users to select or search for a schedule. Scroll over the schedule and select Add.


Use the Auditor

The Auditor tab summarizes the potential issues and warnings that may delay the processing of a corporation's income tax return:

Issues and Notices will guide users through how to fix the error.

Warnings displays missed information that may delay the CRA process.

Sign-offs displays all the issues and warnings that have been reviewed and signed off. To sign off, place a check mark beside each Issue, Warning or Notice.

File the return

  1. Use the EFILE drop-down menu in the top-right to file the return.
  2. Enter your EFILE Number and Password or Web Access Code.
  3. Once the summary has been reviewed, select the checkbox "I have received or will receive a signed T183 from [COMPANY].

If there are outstanding issues or warnings you can do further editing or proceed:

Filing Confirmation: Customers receive a prompt, stating that the return has been filed successfully. Options are available to email, download or print the confirmation.
Rejected Returns: The system notifies customers of any rejections along with the associated CRA error code.
Tax Returns: Can also be viewed on the Pro Tax tab in the main client screen.

Additional information

Where is the Save button?

Data entered in the Pro Tax feature will automatically save.

Does the information captured in QuickBooks Online Accountant flow through to the schedules in the T2 returns? For instance, does depreciation in QuickBooks Online Accountant flow to the S100 and then to the S8 in Pro Tax?

Yes, users must use QuickBooks Workpapers to map the data, and then pull it into Pro Tax when creating a new tax return. S8 cannot be completed by Workpapers, S8 must be filled out by the users.

Can I use my web access code to file my taxes instead of an EFILE number and password?

No, only EFILE is supported at this time.

Will the EFILE number and password pre-populate for each company filing?

It will not be saved in Pro Tax but users can modify their browser settings, i.e., Chrome and Safari to auto fill, or other password manager programs that are standard on web browsers.

Can administrators modify user access for filing the T2 Corp tax?

Not at this time. Any user that has access to the particular client file can fie the return

Where can I find the EFILE confirmation number? Can it be printed or emailed to my customer?

The confirmation number is displayed immediately after filing. The information can also be referenced on the Tax Returns tab within your clients file.

Is there a report that shows my EFILE status and confirmation number?

Yes, the EFILE status can be viewed on the Tax Returns tab within your clients file.

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