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Set up and navigate the QuickBooks Time Franchise Portal

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated February 02, 2023

Want to earn money referring QuickBooks Time to your franchisees? Just contact QuickBooks Time Support to register.

As a referring franchisor, you can:

  • Set up your franchise portal
  • Easily refer QuickBooks Time to your franchisees
  • Start earning commissions!

Set up the QuickBooks Time Franchise Portal


  • The Franchise Portal runs best in Google Chrome. If you're using Internet Explorer, you must use version 9 or later.
  • Your browser's pop-up blocker must be enabled.

After registering, in QuickBooks Time, go to QuickBooks Time Franchise Portal.

To navigate the Franchise Portal


Use the dashboard to track information relating to the franchisees you've referred, including:

  • Activation status
  • Number of team members
  • Estimated commission per month
  • Total commission earned from each

Understanding the Dashboard

Note: The portal view defaults to OVERVIEW. Select YEAR BY MONTH to see one calendar year of the commissions you've earned. Hover over each bar to see exact dollar values.

  • Active Accounts: Current total number of referred franchisees that are paying for QuickBooks Time
  • Active Users: Current total number of active users from all of your referred franchisees
  • Next Check: Commission you will receive at the next quarterly payout. Note: You must have earned a minimum of $250 in commission to receive payment.
  • Accounts in Trial: Current total number of referred franchisees that are still within their trial period
  • Users in Trial: Current total number of active users still in their trial period
  • Commission Potential: Total commission you will earn if all of the Accounts in Trial and Users in Trial transition from trial accounts to paying accounts

Refer a Client

Just enter your franchisee's email address, and they'll receive an email like this:

I think you would love QuickBooks Time time tracking for your business! Team members can track time on any device, you can easily integrate with for payroll, and the customer experience team is phenomenal! There are tons of amazing features, try it free for 14 days by clicking here:

Client overview

  • Client Name: Referred franchisee's company name
  • Account Status: Each franchisee's current status: In Trial, Active, or Inactive
  • Users: Number of active users in each franchisee's QuickBooks Time account
  • Invoiced Last Month: Amount that each franchisee was billed for all users in their QuickBooks Time account
  • Commissions Last Month: Amount of commission you earned last month from each franchisee
  • Total Earned Commission: Running total of earned commissions

Billing History

  • Client Name: Each referred franchisee's company name
  • Date: Date commission was earned
  • Note: Brief description of the billing line item
  • Amount: Dollar amount of the transaction
  • Currency Code: Transaction currency
  • Balance: Running total of earned commissions


Getting ready to meet with a franchisee? The Resources tab contains a media kit and all the materials you need to be a successful referrer.

Resources tab


Use the Profile window to update your contact information. QuickBooks Time LOVES to send fun gifts to our referrers!

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