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Understand fees for refunds or voided transactions

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn about what fees you could be charged for a refund or voided payment in QuickBooks Payments.

If you see an issue with a customer's payment, you can void or refund the sale in QuickBooks Payments.

The difference between a void and refund

  • Void: A transaction you cancel before the daily batch closes.
  • Refund or return: A transaction you cancel after the daily batch closes.

Note: All refunds and voids must be processed on the original transaction.

When to void or refund a transaction

QuickBooks Payments tracks sales in daily batches. Batches close everyday at 3:00 PM PT (7 days a week). Sales made after 3:00 PM PT will count for the next day's batch.

For example, if you process a sale on Monday at 3:05 PM PT, you can void it until 2:59 PM PT the next day (Tuesday).

Some exceptions include:

  • Certain debit card transactions can only be voided up to 90 minutes from the original sales time. If you can't void a transaction, you can still refund your customer.
  • Chargebacks or special cases where Intuit needs to be involved may not follow this batch schedule.

Note: Refunds may affect the batch total of the day they are processed.

Fees for voids and refunds

Fees may apply when you refund or void a payment. These fees depend on your pricing plan and transaction type.

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