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Intuit QuickBooks: How to make a complaint

by Intuit Updated about 16 hours ago

We are committed to making smart, simple accounting software for our customers and providing the highest-quality experiences. However, we recognize that we may not always meet your expectations.

We are here to listen and work with you in resolving your complaint. Your feedback helps us understand where we can improve.

In this article, you'll learn about:

How to raise a complaint

Tell us about your concerns and allow one of our customer service experts the opportunity to assist you in resolving any concerns you may have. We have trained experts ready to support you to try to resolve your concerns. Please provide as much detail as you can to help us assist you.

To contact customer support:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Select Help (?).
  3. In QB Assistant, enter the topic you need help with. You can also enter questions.
  4. Select the Search tab and select Contact Us to connect with a live support agent.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us.

What can I expect during the resolution of my complaint?

Our complaints process is designed to encourage fast and efficient resolution of your concerns.

We will make sure to: 

  • Acknowledge your complaint and make sure we understand your concerns.
  • Treat you with respect and dignity while ensuring we do everything we can to provide a resolution.
  • Record all details of your interaction with us and provide you with written documentation regarding your complaint upon request.

When can I expect my complaint to be resolved?

We will try to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. However, some complaints can take more time than others to resolve.

If we anticipate that your complaint will take longer than usual to resolve, we will make an effort to contact you and provide you with an update on our progress.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will:

  1. Tell you the reasons for this.
  2. Tell you the date by which you can reasonably expect to hear from us on the outcome of any research or investigation into your issue, and;
  3. Give you updates on our stated timeline.

What can I do to accelerate the resolution of my complaint?

  • Provide as much detail as you can regarding your complaint including dates, times and key events.
  • Be specific and provide relevant supporting documentation where possible.
  • Tell us what you believe to be a fair resolution.

What if I have a concern about privacy?

Respecting and protecting our customers’ privacy is a key part of our commitment to you. We endeavour to always be transparent and make sure you have access to the information we hold about you.

For more information on complaints relating to your privacy, please visit our website.

What happens to my complaint after it has been resolved?

We take complaints very seriously. Therefore, we record only the necessary details of your complaint and develop a report of findings for senior leaders to address complaint trends and origins. It also helps us identify recurring issues or breakpoints in our processes to which we can apply continuous improvement initiatives.

Of course, your privacy is respected, and the specific details of your complaint will remain confidential at all times.

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