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Import from and export to Gusto with QuickBooks Time

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

Learn how to import data from Gusto to QuickBooks Time and export timesheets to Gusto. 

First, make sure you integrated QuickBooks Time and Gusto.

In this article, you'll learn how to:



  • Archiving employees in QuickBooks Time won’t archive them in Gusto.
  • Not compatible if using multiple pay schedules in Gusto. 

Import data from Gusto

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select Gusto, then Import.
  2. Select OK, then Done.



  • You must be an admin to export time.
  • Gusto only accepts the following time types for hourly employees:
    • Regular hours
    • Overtime
    • Vacation and sick paid time off
      • All other QuickBooks Time time off codes will be combined and exported as vacation time.
    • If you need time to export for “Salary+no overtime” OR “Salary+eligible for overtime” employees, their pay rate must be broken down by hour.
      • Time only exports if their rate is broken down by hour.
  • Future timesheets can be exported to Gusto, as long as that time has been approved.
  • QuickBooks Time only exports time for completed weeks, not partial weeks.
  • As long as payroll hasn’t been completed in Gusto, time in QuickBooks Time can be unapproved, timesheets added, reapproved, and re-exported.
  • Whenever you export time from QuickBooks Time, it replaces any time for that same employee and workday that had previously been entered in Gusto or exported from QuickBooks Time, including replacing positive amounts with zero.

Export hours to Gusto

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select Gusto, then Export Time.
  2. Select a pay period, then OK, and select Continue.
  3. On the approval report that displays, select the desired filters and an “Open” Gusto pay period.
  4. Select Approve All or check the boxes next to the employees' names, and select Approve.
  5. Select Export to Gusto.

Time off

  • Hours exported from QuickBooks Time contribute to time off accruals in Gusto. In Gusto, make sure you turned off Allow employee to submit Time Off Requests for the time off timesheets to transfer properly. If you need further help, reach out to Gusto support for this.
  • Time off balances won’t update within QuickBooks Time to match what's in Gusto. We recommend you use the accruals feature in either QuickBooks Time or Gusto, not both.


If Gusto requires you to submit partial hours worked before the end of the pay period

  1. In Gusto, go to Company Details.
  2. Select Pay Schedule, then Edit.
  3. Change the schedule, select Work Done Period, and set your Pay Date as X days (we recommend 3-4 to account for weekends and holidays) after the Work Done Period.
  4. Select Save.

If the desired pay period isn’t displaying when setting up an export

  1. If you are not your company's account manager, contact that person to make sure it's ok to cancel a payroll period.
  2. In Gusto, go to Payroll History.
  3. Hover over the date, and select Cancel.

If you made a mistake in the hours you exported to Gusto

To fix:

  1. Unapprove those hours in QuickBooks Time.
  2. Make your changes, and then approve and export them again. They’ll override any existing hours for that employee in Gusto.

Export hours for a closed pay period

If your pay period is closed, reach out to Gusto support to determine the best path forward. 

Timesheets won't export, or aren’t showing up in Gusto

  1. In QuickBooks time, go to Gusto, then Sync Log to get details on what happened.
  2. Another thing to check is the employee compensation settings within Gusto. Make sure the employee has these settings configured, and they’re set to be paid by the hour, not the month or the year. 
  3. Reach out to QuickBooks Time Support team to help fix any issues you need help with.

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