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Balance Sheet Report out of balance - Recurring

by Intuit Updated 4 weeks ago

Perform the following if your Balance Sheet Report appears out of balance.

What you can try now:

  1. Display is slow Refreshing the Report: Log-out and back into your QuickBooks file and your Balance Sheet Report. If it is back in balance, great! You are not out of balance.
  2. Recurring out of balance Balance Sheet Report: Change default date. For example, change "This Fiscal year-to-date" to "All" and column by "Year". If this puts the Report back in balance, please Memorize this report and use the memorized report by refreshing date range. Please sign up for the communication/subscribe now button.
  3. Data Damage to the company data file: If neither one of the above steps change the Balance Sheet Report and it is still out of balance, trouble shoot data damage with this article for Resolve a Balance Sheet out of balance in accrual basis.

Current Status:

At Intuit, we strive to provide the highest quality product by assigning resources to address the issues with the biggest customer impact. In some cases, such as this one, a fix will not be immediately available but may still be included in a future release.

Next Update:

Any future updates on this issue will be included in this help article.

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