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Registering for electronic filing (EFILE) and entering EFILE credentials in a return

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax is a cloud-based software that allows users to electronically file returns directly to the CRA using EFILE.

EFILE is an automated service that allows certified tax preparation service providers to electronically file returns on behalf their clients.

Acquire EFILE eligibility

Being an electronic filer is mandatory in order to EFILE a return with Pro Tax.

If you are not already an EFILE user, we recommend reviewing this CRA page to learn about:

  • EFILE overview
  • EFILE eligibility
  • how to apply for EFILE
  • how to file returns
  • EFILE exclusions
  • EFILE hours of operation
  • EFILE CRA Help Desk contact information
  • and more.

Add or update EFILE credentials in Pro Tax

There are two ways to add or update EFILE credentials in Pro Tax: using the Tax Settings option in Pro Tax or entering EFILE details when transmitting a return.

Use Tax Settings in Pro Tax

This method is recommended because it auto-populates EFILE credentials when submitting returns, saving time and effort.

To use Tax Settings in Pro Tax:

  1. Click the Pro Tax link in QBOA.
  2. Click Tax Settings in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the EFILE number and password provided to you by CRA.

The EFILE credentials will now populate when you EFILE a return.

To enter EFILE details when transmitting a return:

  1. Open a return.
  2. Select the Review & EFILE option under the EFILE menu.
  3. Enter EFILE credentials when prompted.

Frequently asked questions about EFILE in Pro Tax

Do I need to register every year for a new EFILE number?

No, the same EFILE number can be used every year. However, CRA does require a mandatory renewal of the EFILE number each year in order to ensure security. Following the mandatory renewal, a user is issued a new EFILE password.

Review the CRA article on yearly renewals for more information.

What is the difference between NETFILE and EFILE?

EFILE is the CRA electronic filing system for professional tax preparers to use to file their clients' returns over the Internet. To EFILE, the tax preparer must apply to the CRA and receive a Preparer ID, EFILE number, and EFILE password.

NETFILE is the CRA online filing system for individuals to file their own tax returns over the Internet. If you are interested in NETFILE, we suggest using TurboTax, also from Intuit Canada.

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