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Avoid undoing a reconciliation in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

If you're connected to an accountant in QuickBooks Online, your accountant can undo or delete completed reconciliations. But you may not need to do this and lose all your reconciliation work.

Try these tips before asking your accountant to undo a reconciliation

If it makes sense to start over with a reconciliation or undo a completed reconciliation, try one of the options below.

Restart the process of selecting transactions

If the best plan is to start selecting transactions again:

  1. Use the Filter icon to hide transactions after the statement ending date. This is the default setting, so the filter may already be set.
  2. Select the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column until you remove all the checkmarks.
  3. Check the beginning balance on the statement to make sure it matches what you have in QuickBooks Online. If the beginning balance doesn't match, see fix an incorrect beginning balance.
  4. Double-check the statement information you entered when you started reconciling.
  5. If it isn't correct, select Edit info to correct it.
  6. Then start over. Find each transaction on your statement and make sure it matches what you have in your books until the difference equals zero. Learn more about reconciling.

Start the reconciliation over again

If you find you reconciled against the wrong bank statement, it may be faster to completely unreconcile a session.

  1. Under the Save for later drop-down arrow, choose Close without saving. This removes any selection changes you made during the current session.
  2. Confirm that you want to close without saving.
  3. Select the correct account and enter the statement info. You're ready to start reconciling.

Manually undo a reconciliation you already completed

If you already completed a reconciliation and you need to undo it, you can use the register (or account history) to unreconcile each transaction that was reconciled.

Note: When a transaction is marked cleared C in the register or account history, it has a checkmark in the reconciliation screen.

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