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QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax electronic signatures

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax users can configure a password-protected PDF of the T183 form and email it to clients at no cost. This is currently only for use in the T2 module.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Password protect a PDF

  1. Open your client's T2 tax return in Pro Tax.
  2. Select the T183 form from the Forms list.
  3. Ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Select the Return actions drop-down menu.
  5. Select Print this form. A Password Protect T183 window and form displays.
  6. Enter a password. Use a strong password that includes characters, numbers, and symbols.
  7. A preview automatically displays on your computer. You can now transmit the document to your client to begin the signature process.

Add a signature to a T183

There are two methods which can be used to attach a signature to the T183 form:

Print the T183, review it, sign Part G, scan it or take a picture, and return the signed form electronically (i.e., email); or use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Mac Preview. Free software that allows you to electronically sign the T183 without having to print it.

To use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to fill and sign a PDF, download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Once you have completed the download and installation process, sign a PDF document.

You can review the Adobe user guide on how to sign a PDF.

Sign and password protect a PDF using a Mac

  1. Open the PDF document using Preview.
  2. Select the pen icon/Markup Toolbar at the top of the document, then select the Sign icon.
  3. Use an existing electronic signature or select the Create Signature option to create a new signature.
    • Use the Trackpad to create a signature. Press Click Here to Begin to add a signature. You’ll be prompted to physically sign on the screen to create the signature.
    • Use the camera feature. Select the Camera option. Sign your name on a piece of white paper and take a photo of the signature/paper.
  4. Select Done when finished.
  5. Position your signature on the signature line and select File, then select Save and Encrypt.

Sign and password protect a PDF on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the iOS Mail app or Adobe.
  2. Open the email containing the T183 (PDF attachment) sent by your accountant.
  3. Open the attached PDF.
    Note: If the PDF is password-protected, contact your accountant to acquire the necessary password.
  4. Select the markup icon.
  5. Add/create a signature or modify the document by tapping the Signature button at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  6. Position your signature and select Done. The mail application automatically creates a reply to the email with the signed PDF attached.
  7. Enter your response message, if desired.
  8. Select Send. The signed and password protected PDF is sent to your accountant.

Sign and password protect a PDF on Android

  1. Navigate to the Google Play store.
  2. Locate and download the app Adobe Fill & Sign.
  3. Open the email containing the T183 (PDF attachment) sent by your accountant.
  4. Open the attached PDF using Adobe Fill & Sign.
  5. Select the signature button to sign.
  6. Select the Share button and provide the signed PDF to your accountant.

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