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Use and understand QuickBooks Time GPS tracking as a team member

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated June 16, 2022


  • GPS points can be pulled when you clock in and clock out as well as opening the app, switching job codes, and while on the clock.
    • A point can also be force pulled while on the clock by going to Time Clock > Location > Touch to View map > tap the location marker in the top right corner.
    • If you use QuickBooks Time Touch, ensure you leave it open and active on your device for points to pull.
  • GPS points are NOT stored when on a break, clocked out, or signed out of the app.
    • If geofencing is enabled on your QuickBooks Time account, we may read your GPS data, but no location information is ever stored or recorded until you clock in.
  • You may be required to enable location services on your device before you can clock in. If not it’s not required, you can opt-in or out of location tracking:
    • In the mobile app > tap your profile icon (top left) > Settings > switch Track location while clocked in on/off
  • Remote clock-ins: If a manager clocks you in remotely, your location information will not be shared until you confirm the shift. You will be notified in your QuickBooks Time app and can Confirm or Reject the clock in there.
    • If you Confirm the shift, your location data for the duration of the time you are clocked in will be shared (as if you had clocked in yourself).
    • If you Reject the shift, the app deletes the timesheet and any locations associated with it. No GPS points are shared.
    • If you don't see the notification before you are clocked out by the manager, the timesheet will remain but no locations are saved or shared.

Where to find and how to read GPS data

From Mobile:

  1. Tap Timesheets > tap a timesheet to view > under LOCATION, tap Touch to view map.
  2. Tap the three dots (custom) in the top right to Show Accuracy Bubbles or not.
  3. Tap a point to see the time it was pulled, and it’s accuracy in metres.

GPS Point Colours

GPS points display in one of four colours indicating the following:

  • Green: Clocked in
  • Red: Clocked out
  • Blue: Point pulled while on the clock
  • Orange: Different device

Note: What you see on your map is the same as what your administrator or manager will see.

Concerns and troubleshooting

Remember: No data is stored outside of your personal mobile device when you are clocked out or on a break. Location data is only recorded when you are on the clock.

Unable to clock in or automatically clocked out

If you are unable to clock in or get clocked out with the one or both of the following notifications:

  • Turn on location services to allow “QuickBooks Time” to determine your locations.
  • You’ve been clocked out - Your company requires location while on the clock. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and set QuickBooks Time to Always.

Make sure you have Location Services enabled on your device for the QuickBooks Time app.

Phone data and battery usage

  • Data: Compared to apps like Facebook, the GPS feature uses a tiny amount of data. The exact amount of data used depends on how often you change location.
  • Battery: Since QuickBooks Time does not run continuously, it uses a tiny amount of your mobile device's battery power. The exact amount varies by:
    • Device
    • How often you change location
  • To check battery/data usage:
    • Android: Tap Settings > Apps > Application manager
    • iOS: Tap Settings > Data or Battery
  • Scroll down to QuickBooks Time. If QuickBooks Time does not appear in the apps list, it is using less than 1% of the device's battery power.

Check for the following on the mobile device if points are not pulling:

  • It should have a clear view of the sky (surrounded by various obstacles - concrete buildings, trees, even a bag - can hinder low-strength signals).
  • The device should be a normal temperature (too hot or too cold can affect the location functionality in a device).
  • The device should have power (if the battery died or the phone is powered off, this will disable the location functionality).
  • The team member should be signed into the app and on the clock.
  • The device should not be in Power Saving Mode (or device equivalent).
  • The app should be open in the background (do not force close the app).

Helpful steps to take:

Steps for the following will vary depending on the device, please see mobile GPS troubleshooting for more specific steps.

  • Turn the device off/on.
  • Turn GPS/Location services off/on.
  • Ensure both your phone’s Operating System and the QuickBooks Time App are up-to-date.
  • Turn Airplane mode on then off again to reset all wireless radios.
  • Ensure Location Services is enabled for the QuickBooks Time app and is set to high accuracy (android) or precise location (iOS).
  • Disable any battery saver settings or apps.
  • Reset Location and Network Settings.

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