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About the Auto-fill My Return (AFR) T5008 Group Function

T5008 slips that are imported into ProFile with the AFR function are now grouped by financial institution and display greater detail than in the previous experience. 

In the Data Import Worksheet 

In the screenshot below, you can see that imported slips are now grouped under the issuing financial institution (e.g., 18 slips under "HSBC") and that the group may be expanded to display individual slip details within (e.g., under issuer "IA").
In this example, we can see that the issuer "HSBC" has 18 slips grouped under its entry, while the issuer "IA" has 4 grouped slips that have been expanded for more detail:
User-added image

In the Data Import Summary 

The Data Import Summary in ProFile now provides additional detail about imported T5008 slips.
In the new experience, you can see the slip number (e.g. "T5008"), as well as the issuing financial institution (e.g., TD Canada):

User-added image

In the T5008 Slip Summary

The T5008 Slip Summary in ProFile provides additional details about imported T5008 slips.
In the new experience, each slip's summary (e.g., "Slip #1") now includes the name of the issuing financial institution (e.g., "TD Canada"), the transaction type, and the individual slip details:
User-added image

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