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Adding a Client to the Intuit ProFile Link Accountant's View


How do I add a client in Intuit ProFile Link?

We recommend creating new T1 Individual clients in the tax program and then exporting the client to Intuit ProFile Link by clicking on the Invite link under the Intuit Link column. This will create the T1 Individual client in Link for you. For non-T1 clients, follow the steps below:

Note: ProFile will show the Link status of clients that have been invited from the Tax program. Those created within Link as described below will NOT be connected to the desktop program in any way

You can create the new client (Individual) in Link and the new client will flow back to your ProFile Online client list.

To add clients within Intuit ProConnect Link:
1.    Click on Add new client (from the top right hand side).
2.    Select if the client is an Individual or Organization.
3.    Enter the applicable client information:

a.    First Name
b.    Last Name
c.    Email
a.    Organization Name
b.    Email
4.    Click OK.

To invite the client to use Link:
1.    Click on Invite under the Actions column.

This will open the Invite Client to Intuit Link window.
2.    Verify or modify the Subject and Body of the email.
3.    Click Send Invite.

Your client will then receive the invite email.  They must open the email and click on Get Started/Login link then follow the instructions given.

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