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Batch Filing prompt message displays in ProFile

Why am I seeing this prompt?

ProFile transmits any previously batched files together with newly batched files when a user selects the “Transmit now” option during the batch EFILE process.

ProFile users encounter the following message when these unsent, previously batched files are about to transmit with newly batched files:
User-added image

What causes this prompt?

There are two scenarios where this message displays:

  • files were previously batched but not transmitted
  • files were previously batched and transmitted, but an error occurred during transmission (e.g. an interruption in Internet service or computer outage)

What should I do?

There are two actions available to ProFile users who encounter this prompt:

  • transmit the previously batched files with the newly batched files, or:
  • exclude all the previously batched files from being transmitted with the newly batched files

Where are the previously batched files located?

Previously batched files are stored in your “My ProFile Data” folder in the Windows “Documents” library.

The previously batched files are stored in folders:
User-added image
Files that were previously batched, but not transmitted, have the designation “.TAX”:
User-added image
Note: any files with the designation “.TAX0” have been previously transmitted:
User-added image

Transmit the Previously Batched Files

To transmit previously batched files, simply repeat the batch EFILE process with the newly batched files and select the “Transmit now” button when prompted:
User-added image
All previously batched files transmit with the newly batched files.

Exclude Previously Batched Files from Transmitting

To exclude all previously batched files from transmitting with the newly batched files, rename the year file related to the files (e.g., “2017T1”) to another name (e.g., “2017T1_old”).

Repeat the batch EFILE process for the newly batched files and select the “Transmit now” button when prompted:
User-added image
The renamed folder will not be visible to ProFile during the transmitting of the newly batched files and no previously batched files transmit.

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