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Cannot open Form Explorer in ProFile


When attempting to open Form Explorer, the software remains unresponsive.


When attempting to open Form Explorer through the <F4> keyboard shortcut, the menu, or the tool bar, the software remains unresponsive.


The <F4> keyboard shortcut will not work if:

The toolbar and menu option (as well as the <F4> keyboard shortcut) will not work if:

  • there is a corrupt file in the Windows registry


For the <F4> keyboard shortcut, toggle the keyboard "F-lock" key. In a laptop/parallel environment, ensure that the function ("fn") key is enabled.

for the Toolbar and menu option (as well as the <F4> keyboard shortcut):

1. Exit ProFile.

2. Open the Windows Start menu and search for Run in the bar.

3. Enter Regedit in the Run window.

4. In the Windows registry, navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareGreenPointProFileFormExplorer

5. Right-click on FormExplorer and rename it to FormExplorer_old.

6. Close the registry.

7. Relaunch ProFile.



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