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Cannot print the TP1 Keying summaries or barcode


The keying summaries, TPF1W, TPF1X and TPF1Y, will not print on any page where there is not a figure greater than zero in one or more of the fields.  For instance, if there is an amount on any of the schedules listed on page one of the TP1X, the keying summary for schedules, but no amounts listed on pages two or three, only page one will print. There is not a way to force the pages with no figures to print.

Though the TP1 barcode form (TPF1U) cannot be opened in ProFile, there is a way to print it. In the toolbar click Goto > Form Explorer (or press F4 on your keyboard). In the form explorer type "TPF1U" in the form search line (have detail, list or key button selected for search view on the right side). Click on TPF1U in the list and click the print button within form explorer. This will print the barcode for the TP1.

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