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Changing the regional language settings in ProFile


Having another language installed in the computer's operating system can cause EFILE errors or prevent certain modules from being able to save and/or reopen returns correctly.

By default, ProFile supports only Canadian English and French languages.

Note: the language in ProFile defaults to that chosen during installation; however, the language can be changed by selecting the "Language" option from the "Options" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.


1. Close all open programs.

2. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

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3. Enter the term "Regional" in the top-right search bar.

4. Select the "Region and Language" option from the search results.

The "Region and Language" window displays:

5. Select the "English (Canada)" or "English (United States)" option from the "Format" drop-down menu, if using English. Or, select the "French (Canada)"  option from the "Format" drop-down menu, if using French.

6. Click the "Location" tab:

7. Select either the "Canada" or "United States" option from the "Current location" drop-down menu, as applicable.

8. Click the "Keyboards and Languages" tab.

9. Click the "Change keyboards..." button; the "Text Services and Input Languages" window displays:

10. Click the "Add..." button.

The "Add Input Language" window displays.

11. Select the applicable option from the language list:

  • English (Canada)
  • English (United States)
  • French (Canada)

12. Click the "OK" button; the "Add Input Language" window closes.

The selected language displays in the "Installed services" section of the "Text Services and Input Languages" window.

13. Click the "OK" button; the selections save.

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