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Data Import process in Client Explorer

Carry forward of batch files is an option available in ProFile that easily brings previous year’s returns forward into the current module.

1. Open Client Explorer in ProFile.

Client Explorer displays a list of tax return files.

2. Click on the Filter button; the filter menu displays at the bottom of the Client Explorer window.


3. Select files to carry forward (for example, all T1 files) and the previous year (for example, 2018) from the checkbox menu.


4. Click the Apply Filters button; the filter displays all files meeting the selected criteria.

5. Click the Select All link on the left-side menu; all files select.


6. Click the Carry Forward Files option on the left-side menu.


The files carry forward.

It is easy to print pre-configured print sets for multiple clients at the same time.

Printing forms for a group of clients

1. Open Client Explorer.

2. Select the designation for clients in the drop-down list (for example, T1 - EFILE Eligible); the clients matching the designation displays.


3. Select the clients to batch print.

4. Select the Print file option from the Database drop-down menu.


ProFile automatically selects the forms to print for each file based on the print job and print setting options configured in the form selection window. For example, ProFile detects that each client selected will receive an overdue invoice letter.

The files print.


 Printing the same forms from each file

It is simple to print the same form for multiple clients at once in a batch. For example, a ProFile user may want to print a form for each client so that is can be mailed for the client’s signature.

Note: When printing forms from multiple clients at the same time, you can print only forms from files of the same module and year.

Printing forms

1. Select the designation for clients in the drop-down list (for example, T1 - EFILE Eligible); the clients matching the designation displays.


2. Right-click in the client list and choose the Select All option from the menu.

All forms are selected.

3. Select the Print Forms in File… option from the Database drop-down menu.

The Print Selected Forms window displays.


4. Enter the name of the form to print (for example, t2038).

Note: to print several forms, enter them all with a semi-colon as a divider between each form (for example, t2038; t2036).


5. Click the OK button; the forms print.

Auto-Fill My Return (AFR) is a secure CRA service. It allows authorized representatives to electronically request and receive certain tax information to fill in parts of their client’s income tax and benefit return. ProFile offers the service for both single and multiple individual T1 returns.

Acquiring AFR permissions

The tax preparer must have a valid authorization from the taxpayer to access the Represent a Client website. There are two ways to acquire this authorization:

  • the taxpayer can access CRA's My Account Preparer’s request that the taxpayer enter the Rep ID to authorize the preparer as an individual, a Group ID to authorize a group of representatives, or a business's Business Number (BN) to authorize all employees of a business
  • request the permission of the taxpayer to file a T1013 - Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative form

Importing data with AFR

1. Open or create a T1 return.

2. Select the Import CRA data option from the File drop-down menu in the top toolbar; the CRA Data Import Tool window displays.


3. Click the Launch CRA Website button; the CRA's Represent a Client window launches in a separate browser window.

4. Sign in to the CRA site. The CRA Data Import window lists the clients whose SINs can be entered into the CRA website.

5. Select the client and click the Next button to provide confirmation; the CRA system processes the request. The Successfully Connected message displays when the connection has been made between the ProFile and CRA systems.

ProFile’s Data Import Worksheet window displays.


The default display setting is the “basic” view. Click the + icon next to each statement to reveal the “expanded” view of the information which displays more details.

6. Review the data and forms to be imported; if correct, click the Import Selected Data button. Click the Close button.

7. To review the data imported, click the Data Import tab in ProFile's Auditor.

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