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Downloading the 2007 Office system driver

Who needs to download the driver?

ProFile users who encounter the following error message need to download the 2007 Microsoft Office system driver:

User-added image

The error reads

“Import Error. In order to use Excel Import, you’ll need to download and install the Data Connectivity Components driver.”

What does the driver do?

ProFile communicates and shares data with Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel. The driver installs components that allow this communication to take place.

Why do ProFile users need to install the driver?

These drivers typically install automatically with Microsoft Office. However, the drivers may be missing if Microsoft Office is not loaded on the computer or may have become corrupted even if the user has installed Microsoft Office.

How do I install the driver?

   1. Click the link below; a Box folder opens in a new browser window.

Download driver file

2. Click the blue "Download" button:

User-added image

Some users may encounter a warning:

User-added image

  3. Allow or keep the file if prompted with this question.

The file AccessDatabaseEngine.exe begins to download. Depending on your browser it may display in the bottom corner of the browser or may be saved in the "Downloads" folder of the computer. If prompted, save the file to a location on the computer's C: drive.

  4. Locate the downloaded file AccessDatabaseEngine.exe and double-click on it.

  5. Follow the instructions as presented; the driver installs.

  6. Restart the computer.


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