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Frequently Asked Questions about beta version of ProFile

What is the beta version of ProFile?

We are upgrading ProFile to a new technology that will allow us to provide a faster, better experience for users. The beta version is the test effort behind this work.

Is the beta version of ProFile different from the current version of ProFile?

The beta version of ProFile is no different than the current version of ProFile in terms of features, functionalities, and experience. In fact, it is more robust and reliable since it operates on a newer, more stable technology platform. As such, you can work on the beta version like you would on the current version of ProFile.

Can I upgrade my existing ProFile installation to beta?

Yes, you can. However, since this is a test product and possibly prone to some minor issues, we recommend that you install the beta version on a second machine, while leaving the current version of ProFile on your primary computer. If you don’t have another computer available, you can still upgrade your existing ProFile software to the beta version.

Once you volunteer for the beta, we will reach out to you to help you upgrade to the beta version.

Can I quit using the beta version? What happens to my files if I quit?

Yes, you can quit using the beta version at any time. However, we would encourage you to stay on the beta and help us refine the program through your valuable feedback.

In the case that you are completely stuck due an issue in the program, we will try to fix the issue with the highest priority or help you roll back to the current version of ProFile. We’ll ensure that your files are safe. Note that you will not be able to carry over your work from the beta version to the current version of ProFile should you choose to quit the beta program.

Can I upgrade to the next year ProFile software directly from the beta?

Yes, all updates are available via the update functionality in ProFile. You will be notified within the product when next year's update is available, and you can update the product as per usual.

Will I be compensated for participating in the beta?

Yes, your feedback and expertise are important to us and we will compensate you for your time and participation. However, the compensation is subject to certain criteria:

  • you will install the beta version of ProFile
  • you will complete test tasks assigned to you
  • you will provide regular feedback regarding your experience
  • you will report bugs/issues you encounter
  • if requested, you will undertake a follow-up interview with us to share your experiences

The participants who meet the above criteria will be provided a $300.00 (CA) gift card. In addition, we have bonus awards for participants who go above-and-beyond during their test, such as those participants who report the highest number of bugs, report the most significant bugs, and more.

I found an issue with the beta version of ProFile…is that expected?

The beta version of ProFile is still a work-in-progress, so you may experience some minor issues or bugs in the program. We request you report these issues when you encounter them so we can fix them before we make the program available to all our ProFile users.

You can email us at or call the ProFile support number to report any issues.

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