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How to carry batch forward DT Max Files into ProFile

Extracting files from DT Max

To batch carry forward returns from DT Max, files first need to be extracted from DT Max and then converted into ProFile files:

1. Open DT Max.

2. Select the option Extract from the Tools drop-down menu.

3. Select All clients on the database under Clients to extract.

4. Select All years under Data to extract.

5. Click Browse to select a destination folder to store the extracted file.

6. Click OK. A confirmation screen displays with the amount of files extracted.

7. Click Close.

8. Close DT Max.

Carry forward into ProFile

1. Open ProFile.

2. Select the option DT Max Carry Forward... from the File drop-down menu:

3. Select the module to be carried forward:

4. Browse to the location of the extracted file(s) from DT Max.

5. Browse to the ProFile destination folder to store the carried forward files.

6. Select the appropriate year end to be carried forward:


8. Finish, open the destination folder, or carry forward more files as needed.

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