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How to edit a default template

What to know about editing templates

  • templates should always be RTF files (Rich Text Document) format created by WordPad, the default Windows word processor
  • contents should always be copied and pasted from Notepad, never directly from an email or word processor application
  • coding locations should not be shifted or broken (blue text); however, any text in black can be altered as desired
  • logos, signature graphics, etc. can be added to templates; however, they should not exceed 400kb (this is an estimate... larger files causes ProFile to become unstable)
  • all images must be bmp or wmf formats
  • headers and footers are not supported by ProFile

If working in a local environment

  1. Select the "Templates..." option under the "Options" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

  2. The "Template Editor" window displays:

User-added image

  3. Select a year and module from the tab menu (for example, "2018 T1/TP1").

  4. Select the individual template to modify.

  5. Click the "Edit Template" button.

  6. Edit the template as required:

User-added image

  7. Click the "save" icon in the menu toolbar.

The "Save As" window displays:

User-added image

  8. Navigate to the location to save the revised template and save using an appropriate file name.

  9. Click the "Save" button; the revised template saves.

Note: click the "Use default template" button to revert back to the default template.

If working in a network environment

Note the following if working in a network environment:

  • use the "Browse" button in the "Base Template Directory" to select a location to store customize template.
  • use the "Browse" button in the "File Path" field to select a customized template. Note the "Use default template" option must be unchecked.

Insert a graphic in a template

  1. Open the template.

  2. Select the "Graphic" option from the "Insert" menu:

 3. Select the location and individual graphic to insert.

Note: all inserted images must be *.bmp or *.wmf formats

  4. Click the "Open" button.

The image inserts in the template.

  5. Click the "save" button in the toolbar.

Personalize a template

Personalizing a template changes the content on the letter without modifying any of the coding.

  1. Open the return.

  2. Press the <F4> key; the Form Explorer displays.

  3. Enter "letter" in the "Form" field and press <Enter>; the letter displays.

  4. Right-click in the letter and select the "Personalize" option:

  5. Make the necessary changes.

  6. Click the "save" button in the toolbar.

  7. Save the personalized letter with the appropriate file name in the preferred directory.

Note: if any changes done to the coding, "Edit Template", will not appear on a modified, personalized template. Confirm that "Personalized" is not selected if no changes occur after editing a template.

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