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How to use the Active Auditor tab in ProFile

The Active Auditor shows a list of audit messages that relate to the data file. These include passive audit messages, notices, processing errors, fields that have been overridden, fields that have memos attached, fields with review marks and EFILE messages.

Displaying the Active Auditor

To display the Active auditor, select it's dedicated icon in the tool bar, right-click on a form and select the option "Show Auditor" or press the <F9> key on the keyboard. Pressing <F9> repeatedly will cycle through the audit messages, showing the messages one after another in order of appearance.

You can also review our tutorial video on how to use the Active Auditor:


Managing the Active Auditor

The Active Auditor tabs organize the audit messages according to type. The "Summary" tab can contain all or selected audit messages depending on the settings under the Options menu, selecting Environment and then the Audit tab.

  1. Click and drag on the separator between the Active Auditor and the "Edit" window to adjust the height of the Active Auditor.

  2. Double-click on an audit message to jump to the related field in the "Edit" window:

  3. Click the Auditor toolbar button or press <F9> to view the Active Auditor below the "Edit" window.

  4. Click the Auditor button again or press <Ctrl+F9> to hide the Active Auditor again.

Active Auditor message types

ProFile's audit messages fall into the following categories:

  1. The "Summary" tab provides a variety of diagnostic messages. The messages that appear there depend on the options you have chosen under the "Options "menu, selecting "Environment..." and then the "Audit" tab. The list of options to be listed under the "Summary" tab can be selected here.

  2. Under the "Options" menu, selecting "Environment..." and then the "Audit" tab, "Remove Audit Messages" is selected, the messages will no longer appear in this list when the field in which the error originated is identified by a review mark by the preparer or a partner. Those messages will still be listed under the appropriate tab in the Active auditor.

  3. Warning messages alert potential processing problems. These are the same messages that appear as yellow passive audit pop-ups in the "Edit" window.

  4. Notices alerts the key dates or steps that may need to be taken as a result of calculations specific to this client file.

  5. The "Sign-offs" tab shows the fields that have partner or preparer review marks, indicating that a preparer or partner has confirmed the value that appears in a field.

  6. The "Issues" tab displays fields that have correction or question review marks.

  7. The "Overrides" tab includes every field that has an override amount rather than an automatic ProFile calculation.

  8. The "Memos" tab shows all fields with Memos attached.

  9. For the ProFile TP1 module, the "EFILE" and "EDI" tabs lists two types of electronic filing messages: those that ProFile detects, and others generated by the CRA or the MRQ and returned in the acknowledgement file.

 10. For the T1 and T2 modules, the "Carryforwards" tab lists all the fields containing information carried forward from the previous year's return. These amounts appear in purple on the forms.

 11. The "Tapes" tab shows all fields with tapes attached.

 12. The "Variance" tab lists all the fields in the current return that are different than the return in the snapshot.

When the window is not wide enough to display all the tabs in the Active Auditor, ProFile will provide horizontal scroll arrows to access the remaining tabs:


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