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Intuit Link Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the System Requirements for Intuit Link?

Please note that Apple products are not supported. 
The following computer configuration is required for Intuit Link:
  • Internet connectivity for licensing and auto-update features
  • .NET 4.5.2 installation & registration are required
Unsupported Configuration Elements
  • Windows servers software are not supported
  • Network/workstation install UNC path is not supported
How much does Link Cost?
Link is complimentary with 2016 ProFile. Customers need to have purchased a ProFile T1 
module or current year Service Pack.
Can either the tax preparer or the customer of the accountant cancel or exit from Link if they don't want  to go to the same tax preparer or vice-versa?
Not at the present time, this feature may be added at a later time.
Where is Link data stored, in the United States or Canada?
Link data is stored in a secure facility in the United States. Intuit uses bank-level encryption to protect our customer's data.
Where do my client's messages to me display In Hub or Link?
If a client sends a message to the accountant, the messages appears on Link:
User-added image
How do I review documents my client has provided?
You can check the responses from clients in Hub; the details of their responses will display in Link.
After clients have accepted a request for documents or information, a progress bar displays in Hub corresponding to the progress the client has made in responding or providing materials. The progress bar indicates the level of completion the client has achieved (e.g., 4/5 documents provided).
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To review the specific materials provided by the client, click on the progress bar.
Link opens, where you can review in detail your client's returned materials or information:
User-added image
Why is Link not displaying files from Hub?
Ensure that the company name matches on both ProFile and Link.
In ProFile, select the "Online Settings" option from the "Online" drop-down menu on the top toolbar; review the company name (e.g., "Visser Corp."):
User-added image
In Link, confirm the company name in the top-right corner (e.g., "Visser Corp.") matches the company name in ProFile:
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Can you invite multiple people from a family return in Link?
No. Currently, only the primary tax payer from a coupled or family linked return may be invited. The option to invite the spouse and other family members will be added at a later time.

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