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ProFile to begin limiting access to previous 12 years only

What is changing?

ProFile will begin limiting access to the previous 12 years only and will no longer support work on pre-2008 files or returns.

The 12-year access window will “roll” forward with each subsequent year, limiting access to the most-recent 12-year period only.

Why is this change  happening?

Limiting available returns and files to the last 12 years will help improve the performance of ProFile, while still serving the needs of the majority of users.

When does this take effect?

The change begins in ProFile release 2020.1.0, which should be available in late November.

What limitations will this create?

ProFile users will no longer be able to:

  •         open a ProFile return earlier than 2008
  •         carry forward any return earlier than 2008
  •         create any new return earlier than 2008

Will I lose any pre-2008 files or data on my system?

No. However, the limitations described above will be in effect for pre-2008 files and data.

Please contact ProFile customer support if you have any questions.

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