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ProFile users encounter an "Unable to load ProFile options" error message


ProFile users encounter the following error message:

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The error reads “Unable to load ProFile options from “[FILE PATH]”. Reverting to default values.”


It is necessary to reset ProFile settings to their default, as there is a corruption in a setting component.

1. Note any existing settings you have established in ProFile. These may include - but are not limited to - EFILE credentials, preparer information, and print settings.

2. Close ProFile.

3. Navigate to the settings folder at C:Users/[USERNAME]/Documents/My ProFile Data

4. Create a new folder inside My ProFile Data titled "Archived old settings".

5. Move the following four folders in the My ProFile Data folder to the new folder "Archived old settings":


6. Restart ProFile.

7. Re-enter your ProFile settings.

Additional Suggestion

ProFile recommends making a backup of the user’s settings folder. This will preserve the ProFile settings and allow a faster restoration if the error occurs again, rather than having to restore lost settings individually.

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