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Receiving a "printer not activated" error or a print window hangs


ProFile users encounter a "printer not activated" error message and related reference number (for example, "41", "-20", "-30" or "-40") when creating a PDF:

User-added image


1. Close ProFile.

2. Open the "Control Panel" and navigate to "View devices and printers".

3. Right-click on the "ProFile PDF Export" printer.

4. Select the "Remove device" option; the printer is removed from the list:

User-added image

5. Click on any other printer in the "Devices and Printers" folder; click on "Printer server properties" in the folder toolbar:

User-added image

6. Click on the "Drivers" tab and select the "Amyuni Document Converter 550" option from the list of drivers.

7. Click the "Remove..." button.

8. Select the "Remove driver and driver package." option when prompted:

User-added image

9 Click the "OK" button.

10. Click the "Delete" button; the driver is deleted:

User-added image

Note: if the process to remove the driver fails, reboot the computer and repeat the removal process.

11. Navigate to the ProFile installation folder under "Program Files (x86)" -> "ProFile"; open the "ProFile PDF Export" folder.

12. Right-click on the file "Install.exe" and select the "Run as administrator" option:

User-added image

The ProFile installation process begins.

13. Click the "OK" button when installation is complete.

Check the port:

1. Exit ProFile if it is running.

2. Click "Start" at bottom-left of the computer screen.

3. Select "Devices and Printers" from the options list.

4. Identify "ProFile PDF Export" printer in the list of printers.

5. Right-click on "ProFile PDF Export" printer.

6. Select "Printer properties".

7. Select the "Ports" tab.

8. Ensure that the Port selected is the "NUL" port and that no other printer is sharing that port.

9. Delete any other Printers sharing this port or move them port to a different port:

10. Re-open ProFile.


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