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Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

Check out the latest changes, improvements, and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17.0.

The latest release (one with the highest number) includes all changes from previous releases. This article only contains release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2017, so if you're using a different version, you may check the following:

Release 14 (R14)

What’s important about Release 14?

Find file
  • Added a file search option to help you to easily find and open your company files.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the total Amount changes when you Print after selecting recalculate.

What’s important about Release 13?

  • Change in QuickBooks File Manager password reset
QuickBooks File Manager Password Reset
  • You now need to use license information instead of challenge questions to reset your password.
Journal entry warning message
  • You will see a warning message if you include an Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable account and it is not on the first line, or if the first line is blank.
Inventory Adjustment
  • You'll see a warning message if an incorrect Inventory Adjustment account is used (such as the actual inventory account).
Discount accounts
  • You can no longer select asset, liability, equity or credit card accounts when applying discounts
Credit memo issue
  • Resolved the issue that was causing the balance sheet to be out of balance when using an expense account in a credit memo line item.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the Inventory Valuation Summary report was showing twice the quantity on hand when selected "All sites".

Bank Feeds
  • Improved messaging & fixes for common error scenarios in bank feeds
  • Users will now have a troubleshoot button to fix errors when saving forms as PDF or printing them

Bank Feeds
  • Fixed error 194 by ensuring routing numbers are always comprised of 9 digits
  • Fixed an issue that caused error 80029c4a to be displayed while opening QuickBooks after installing a release update

Payroll Compliance
  • QuickBooks Desktop was updated with the January 2018 payroll tax tables.
Nova Scotia:Changes toBasic Personal Amountcalculation
  • Effective January 1, 2018, Nova Scotia is changing the way TD1 Basic Personal Amounts are calculated, so they will now be determined based on the employee's annual taxable income.
  • Action Required: If you have employees in Nova Scotia, you may need to manually calculate and enter their Provincial TD1 amounts in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. See Changes to TD1 Basic Personal Amount calculation for employees in Nova Scotia to learn how.

QuickBooks File Manager
  • If QFM 2017 is installed along with QFM 2016 or below, then upon launch of QFM 2017, users will be prompted to continue using QFM 2017 going forward.
  • If QuickBooks is opened without any company file open, then QFM 2017 will open a secondary instance of QuickBooks.
  • The setting “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” has been removed. Users who had this setting enabled in QuickBooks Desktop 2017 will no longer have QuickBooks running in the background.
  • Fixed issues in Email, Invoice and Customer Centre that were causing unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks.
  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly marking Batch Invoices emailed and sent.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Outlook 2013 not to be available as an email option.

  • QuickBooks Desktop was updated with the July 2017 payroll tax tables.
Sales Tax
  • For new company files created after June 20, 2017, QuickBooks Desktop is showing the Saskatchewan PST increase from 5% to 6% that went into effect March 23, 2017.

  • Corrected a spelling error in the Edit Assembly item window.
Managing Complex Password
  • Users now have the option to login into a Company File without having to enter username and password every time. Users only have to login with their username and password once every few days and can open the Company File or switch to a Company File without having to enter username and password, as long as they are using the same Windows user account. Users have to enter username and password again only if they have explicitly logged off from the Company File or when the login period has expired. Users selecting this new option must safeguard their computers and Windows accounts in order to ensure that their Company Files are protected. Note that this option will only apply to Client Company Files where Credit Card Protection is NOT enabled.
  • This option will not be available by default in a Company File. The Company File’s Admin/Owner can enable this feature for all users by setting a Company Preference:
    • For Desktop Pro/Prem customers: Go to Company > Setup Users and Passwords > Manage Login Settings
    • For Desktop Enterprise customers: Go to Company > Users > Manage Login Settings
    • For all customers: Go to Edit > Preferences > General > Company Preferences
  • For more information, see QuickBooks Desktop Sign-In options (Managing Complex Password).
MS Small Business Server 2011
  • Install support for Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 is now included.
Paid Bills Unpaid
  • Fixed an issue that caused paid bills to become unpaid or show negative amounts after upgrading a company file to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop and running a verify/rebuild.

Payroll Compliance
  • QuickBooks Desktop was updated with the January 2017 payroll tax tables.
  • Québec Health Services Funds (QHSF) rates for Primary and Manufacturing sector businesses updated for January 1, 2017 to reflect the rate reductions.
  • Added the ability to print T4A forms.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "You need to setup employees before you can process a Record of Employment" error when trying to process a Record of Employment (ROE).
  • Fixed an issue that caused employees to not appear in the Process Record of Employment (ROE) screen if a different year was selected for processing T4s or RL-1s.

Sales Tax
  • For new company files created after October 27, 2016, QuickBooks Desktop is showing the following HST updates:
    • Newfoundland & Labrador HST increase from 13% to 15% that went into effect July 1, 2016
    • New Brunswick HST increase from 13% to 15% that went into effect July 1, 2016
    • Prince Edward Island HST increase from 14% to 15% that went into effect October 1, 2016
Scheduled Reports
  • Enhancements made to support using “Scheduled reports” for multiple editions of QuickBooks (from the 2017 release) installed on the same machine.
  • Proactive and dynamic messaging to guide users while they create schedules for sending reports. This includes detecting any conflicting settings/permissions and messaging the same to the user before they create schedules.
  • SDK now supports Multi SKU and to leverage this feature SDK developers can use "QBXMLRP2.DLL and QBInstanceFinder.DLL” from this release.
  • Multi SKU support is enabled by exposing a new method “BeginSession2” in interface “IRequestProcessor6”.

This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service.

See Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release for detailed instructions on how to download these product updates through the program or from the Internet.

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