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Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Learn what’s new and improved in the latest updates to QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Enterprise 19.0.

We update QuickBooks regularly to give you a better experience and fix issues. These release notes explain what's new and improved.

Note that each new update includes all the changes from earlier updates.

If you have automatic updates turned on, QuickBooks will download updates for you. But you can check for updates manually at any time.


What's important about Release 8?

  • Payroll Compliance
Payroll compliance
  • Updated tax tables are now valid through December 31, 2019
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue to show Past Due stamp after clicking What's New when on an invoice.
  • Fixed the error that appeared when closing Accountant copy files.

What's important about Release 7?

  • Change to QuickBooks File Manager password reset
QuickBooks File Manager Password Reset
  • License based password reset replaces the challenge based password reset process.

What's important about Release 6?

  • IIF Import improvements and bug fixes
Duplicate Data Lines
  • If you have an IIF import file that have duplicate data lines, the file will now import successfully EXCEPT for the duplicate data lines.
Import for items with hidden parents
  • Accounts, customers, class and inventory items with hidden parents will now import successfully.
IIF Import Bug Fixes
  • Bug fixes include:
    • Invoices that have both invoice and credit lines now import successfully
    • Deposit transactions with 2 decimal points will now import
    • Issues with importing employee names has been resolved
    • Format for time in decimal and hours only is now supported
    • Field for Doc Reference number for payments and bills has been extended from 11 to 20 characters
Performance Performance improvement for FIFO enabled company files when saving inventory related transactions (especially effective for large company files)
Data corruption resolved The issue that caused data corruption when voiding an invoice that was created from a sales order has been resolved.
Incorrect reporting resolved The issue that was causing the Inventory Stock Status by Site and the Inventory Valuation Summary by Site to display twice the correct quantity has been resolved.


No Release 5 (R5) updates for Canada or United Kingdom

What's important about Release 4?

  • Payroll compliance and onboarding
  • IIF improvements
Accountant's Copy File Transfer
  • We've made improvements to the ACFT experience for better collaboration with accountants.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed! Blank registration screen when updating to the latest release
  • Fixed! QB freeze issue while creating Pay Cheques
  • Enhanced IIF import and fixes to common bugs and known issues:
    • Accept decimal and standard time format in the Timer activity record
    • IIF import for employee names
    • IIF invoice to allow negative quantity in the same invoice
    • Fixed the spelling to ENDTNS
Payroll Compliance
    • QBDT Payroll products are completely compliant with Canada tax laws giving you complete confidence that you are paying your employees right.

What's important about Release 3?

  • Improvements to Invoice Tracker
  • SDK enhancements
  • Troubleshoot and fix errors related to saving forms as pdf or printing them

Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed an issue causing an invoice form to freeze for users with Microsoft Outlook (all versions) installed.
Bank Feeds
  • Improved messaging & fixes for common error scenarios in Bank Feeds.
Invoice Status Tracker
  • Support for QuickBooks Email
  • Messaging for Outlook 2010 customers to outline unavailability of Viewed Status due to technical limitations of this Outlook version
  • Fixes for known bugs and stability improvements
Print PDF
  • Users will now have a troubleshoot button to fix errors when saving forms as PDF or printing them.
User Interface
  • Improved error messages with clear instructions if action is required.

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