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Setting up duplex printing in ProFile


Duplex printing allows preparers to print returns on both sides of a single sheet of paper.

Setting Duplex Printing Options

1.  Open ProFile.

2.  Select the "Print Setup" option from the "File" drop-down menu on the top toolbar:

User-added image

The "Print Setup" window displays:

User-added image

3.  Select the desired tax year and module from the tab menu at the top of the window (for example, "1. 2017 T1/TP1"):

User-added image

A list displays below the tabs, detailing available forms, letters, and more:

4.  Uncheck the "Always use Default Windows Printer" above the "Category" heading:

User-added image

5.  Click on the first item under listed under the "Category" heading (for example, T1 jacket):

User-added image

6.  Click the "Properties" button under the "Printer" heading:

User-added image

The print properties window displays.

7.  Select the duplex printing option from the options presented; note that this option may vary in name based on the individual printer manufacturer. The option may display as "2 on 1 (2 sided)" or something similar.

8.  Click the "OK" button.

9.  On the "Print Setup" window, check the "Use printer duplex settings" box; this activates the duplex settings:

User-added image

10. Repeat the duplex printing configuration for each applicable option under the "Category" list (for example., "T1 forms", "Letters", etc.)

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