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T2 Return and schedule Information not printing


In ProFile version 2008.6.0 and later, ProFile is printing the T2 Bar Code Return, which is the new filing requirement for the CRA. The T2 Bar Code Return consists of the bar code page(s) and the certification page. The RSI return is no longer required by the CRA. The CRA will scan the T2 Bar Code into their computers and will have all the information you have entered in ProFile.

See CRA's new filing requirement:

2D Bar Code
Using tax preparation software

To see what is actually included in the T2 Bar Code, perform the following:

1. Right click anywhere on the T2 return.
2. Left click on the line CRA Submission view.

A window will pop up showing three columns of information. The first column is the schedule number, the second is the line number, and third column is the data on that line.

T2 Bar Code return is not printing
T2 Short

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