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Understanding Accountant Apps

Find answers to frequently asked questions about apps in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Resolve app errors

The following sections provide information about known issues and how to resolve them.

This happens when you're using the Desktop app and either try to purchase a discounted app or try to view your client list from the Client Apps tab. It means the system is having difficulties identifying you as the user.

  1. Sign out of the QuickBooks Online Accountant Desktop app.
  2. Sign in again. Make sure to clear the Stay Signed In checkbox.

This information wasn't required for early users, but is required now.

  1. When prompted, complete the first and last name fields.
  2. Select Save.

App program billing questions

The following sections answer questions about App program billing.

The Billing Structure for each app is set by the app developer. Apps available through the Apps program use one of the following Billing Structures:

  • Usage-Based apps (such as Expensify) are billed based on the usage of the app service for each month.
  • Prepaid apps (such as Method: CRM, Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter, Float, SOS Inventory, and Service M8) are billed at a set monthly rate for each calendar month for a given number of users. For example, if a full month subscription is $30, and you sign up for the app on the 10th of the month, you'll be billed a prorated charge of $20. The next month, you'll be billed the full $30 as it will be your first full month of service.
  • Hybrid apps (such as TSheets and Circulus) combine a prepaid rate with usage or add-on-based fees

The following examples provide more detail for each type of billing:.Sample billing workflow showing different billing structuresThe following illustrates the usage-based billing structure used by Expensify:Example of usage-based billing with ExpensifyThe following example illustrates the hybrid billing structure used by Circulus:Example of hybrid billing structure such as used by Circles

No, the billing for the Wholesale Billing account and the Apps Program are completely separate.

If you have a billing issue, reach out to QuickBooks Online Accountant support. App developers aren't able to address billing issues.

As the examples in the previous Billing Structure section show, each app subscription can have multiple line items (for example, for a monthly fee, usage fees, and added features).

Some apps charge for usage of the app, and each app considers usage differently. At a minimum, if you log in to the app, it counts as usage and you will be charged for it.

Review the examples in the previous Billing Structure section to determine whether or not the charges on your invoice seem right. Take into consideration that different apps bill differently, and a single app subscription can have multiple line items on the invoice.

If you’re still not sure, reach out to our Accountant support and they will assist you in interpreting your invoice.

If your payment on an invoice fails due to an expired card or insufficient funds:

  1. We attempt to charge the card again the next day.
  2. If payment fails again on the second day, we try again the next day.
  3. If payment fails again on the third day, we stop trying to charge the card automatically.

Each time we try to charge the card, we notify you by email of the payment failure. After the third payment failure, you must pay your invoices manually.

To pay your unpaid invoices manually, see What to do when payment for your QuickBooks Online Accountant discounted apps fails.

General App questions

Check out the following sections for answers to general questions about apps.

Access to the Apps page is based on the firm member's user role.

The Apps menu item appears on the left menu under Your Practice only for your firm's Master Admin and Full Access users. This page isn't visible for Custom or Basic user roles.

  • Master Admin can access both the Client Apps and Firm Apps tabs available on the Apps page.
  • Full Access users can access the Firm Apps tab from the Apps page, but can't access the Client Apps tab.
Note: If you have apps that are tied to the firm or clients of the firm, you can manage those apps through

Access to add and manage client apps or firm apps depends on user role:

  • Master Admin role: Can add apps for both clients and the firm and can view both the Client Apps tab and the Firm Apps tab on the Apps page.
  • Full Access role: Can add apps to the firm and view the Firm Apps tab on the Apps page.
  • Custom role: No access permissions.
  • Basic role: No access permissions.

You must be logged in to QuickBooks Online Accountant as the Master Admin of your firm to see the Client Apps tab or to add apps to clients.

You no longer need to have a separate admin user associated with your client’s company to connect apps on their behalf. If you're the firm's Master Admin and have access to the client, you can connect apps to your clients' accounts.

  1. From the left menu, under Your Practice, select Apps.
  2. Select the Client apps tab to add apps to your client.

To view the apps available through the Accountant Apps Program:

  1. From the left menu, under Your Practice, select Apps.
  2. Select the Find apps tab.
  3. Review the apps listed in the Great deals on top apps section.Each app's panel lists the available discount for that app.

The listed apps are available at a discount. When you install any of these apps for your clients and bill them to your firm, your firm is billed on a single monthly invoice.

Discounts on apps vary.

The panel for each app available at a discount displays the amount of the discount, and you can hover your cursor over an app's panel to see the cost per month.

To review detailed pricing information, select the app's panel on the Find Apps tab, and select the Pricing tab.

We are constantly evaluating the top ProAdvisor-recommended apps and considering them for the Accountant Apps Program. As time goes on, we'll continue to add apps and expand the program.

When you buy a subscription for a client through the Apps program, you get a free account to access and manage your client’s app. Right now, there are no discounts or free accounts available to install for your firm (other than buying for the client).

No, we don't currently support buying subscriptions without attaching them to a company.

Your client can certainly buy the apps themselves, but they won't get the same discounts if they do.

Yes, but not all at once. You have to purchase the apps one at a time.

Yes, just not all at once. You have to purchase the apps one client at a time.

No, the client doesn't receive an email when you purchase an app on their behalf. However, once you begin to invite users to use the app, anyone you invite receives an invitation email.

Your client can't cancel an app subscription on their own. If they need to cancel a subscription, they can call our Accountant support for assistance.

As the firm's Master Admin, you have to cancel any app subscription you purchased on behalf of your client for which the firm is billed.

For the steps to cancel an app subscription, see Cancel client app subscriptions

For apps you have connected on behalf of your client for which the client is billed, you must disconnect the app from the Client Apps tab on the Apps page.

No.  Apps are tied to your user information, so if you transfer ownership of the firm to another user, the apps are still tied to you.

The new Master Administrator of the firm will not be able to use these apps, nor will they see them in the Apps tab.

No. Apps connected on behalf of your clients are visible only on the QuickBooks Online Accountant Apps tab. Clients can't access apps that you have connected through their QuickBooks Online Apps tab.

Any apps connected as part of tasks may sync data between the QuickBooks Online client company and the third-party app.

For more information on how a particular app works, check out the training and help articles offered by each developer.

  1. From the left menu, under Your Practice, select Apps.
  2. On the Find apps tab, select the app panel to open the app-specific page.

Each app-specific page provides details about the app, its features, and benefits.

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