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ProFile users cannot purchase OnePay or in-product links


  • cannot purchase OnePay
  • cannot access some of the in-product links (for example the ProFile User Guide)


ProFile moved a key support function to a new platform in July 2020. As a result, any ProFile users who are not on version 2019.5.0 or later lose these existing key functionalities.

What do I need to do?

Check to see what your current version of ProFile is:

1. Open ProFile.
2. Select the "About" option under the "Help" drop-down menu in the top toolbar. The "About" window displays.
3. Check the ProFile version is listed in the window (for example, 2019.4.5):


If your version is earlier than 2019.5.0 you will need to update your version of ProFile as soon as possible. Updating to 2019.5.0 or later will resolve the issues.

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