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Users encounter a "ProFile is unable to correct printer settings" error message


When too many items are entered in the form, the length of the table extends over the preset page break, which causes an interference with the printing.

The following error message is encountered:

User-added image

The full error message reads "ProFile is unable to correct your printer's settings in order to print the Foreign. This may indicate a problem with your printer's configuration or font installation. Please have your computer technician check the problem."


1. Select the option "Print Setup" under the "File" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The "Print Setup" window displays.

2. Confirm the option "Confirm auto font scale changes" is selected:

3. Click the "Print Form" button on the top menu bar:

The "Confirm" menu displays.

4. Select the "skip automatically adjust my settings this one time" option:

Note: this option may have to be selected a few times, depending on the length of the form:

5. Click the "OK" button; the issue should be resolved.

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