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When trying to create a PDF the following error occurs: ProFile failed to create the PDF files


This error can occur if the PDF is open in another application. Example: a web browser, another app, PDF viewer, etc.

For Windows 10 users: check additional desktops and ensure that the PDF is not open in another desktop.
This error is generated when no forms are selected from the Form Selection window.

1. Go to the File menu, and chhose Print / Email PDF

2. Ensure that the 'Advanced' is selected

3. Under Print Details, ensure that a set is selected

4. Under Find Form, ensure that forms are also selected

If all the forms are selected and ProFile continues to give that error

1. Go to Control Panel

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2. Type "Devices" in the search bar on the top right hand corner

3. Click on Devices and Printers

4. Right click ProFile PDF Export and from the Context Sensitive menu choose Printer Properties

5. Select the Ports tab and ensure that Nul is selected.

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