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Windows OS Security Settings Generating Prompt


Windows OS security settings generate a prompt asking for confirmation of network access to ProFile.

After a network install and launch of ProFile, the following prompt displays:

User-added image

The Windows operating system (OS) is ensuring that the access to a ProFile executable is safe and asking the user to confirm access to the file.

ProFile users can either select the “Run” option and continue, or update OS security settings to stop the message from displaying.


Note: if any settings cannot be altered, contact your IT administrator to complete this process.

1. Open the Windows “Control Panel” (how to find the Control Panel).

2. Enter the term “internet options” in the top-right search bar of the Control Panel.

A list of results displays.

3. Select the option “Change temporary Internet file settings”.

The “Internet Properties” window displays.

4. Select the “Security” tab:

User-added image

5. Click on the option “Local intranet”.

6. Click on the “Sites” button.

The “Local intranet” window displays:

User-added image

7. Click the “Advanced” button.

The next “Local intranet” window displays:

User-added image

8. Enter the letter of the network drive where the executable is stored (e.g. “Z:”).

A list of websites displays in the “Websites” section:

User-added image

9. Click on the listed website and click the “Close” button.

The new security settings save.

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