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What was fixed in recent ProFile releases

The following issues were addressed in recent ProFile releases:


Backup to Cloud feature not working in ProFile


The Backup to Cloud feature is currently not working in ProFile. Users who upgrade to 2020.1.0 are unable to upload and download returns to the Cloud.


This issue was resolved in release 2020.1.1.



Incorrect provincial tax calculation for Saskatchewan residence with child care expenses


Provincial nonrefundable credits for Saskatchewan are calculating incorrectly by adding childcare expenses on to line 25 of form SK 428. Childcare expenses should not be added to SK428 non-refundable tax credits.


This issue was resolved in ProFile release 2019.3.5.

EFILE error #1003 displays as the result of a warning from the Planner


Some users may experience the warning message "Do not file this form as it is in draft. It will be available in a future release" when trying to EFILE a return. It displays as a warning in the auditor along with EFILE error #1003.


Option 1: This form is not required for EFILE. Sign off the warning and continue with the EFILE of the return.

Option 2: Navigate to the Planner and clear the error by selecting the Delete form option under the Form drop-down menu.

Note: the Planner typically comes out of draft around May, when the next year rates are available.


Some ProFile users encounter a “Code RC523: your software needs an update...'' error for T1PAD EFILE


Clear the error in the Auditor and EFILE again.


Variance feature not working on 2019 T1 returns


The Variance feature in ProFile is not working on 2019 T1 returns. The variance from 2018 returns displays as “0”.


The issue is expected to be fixed in the upcoming ProFile release 2019.3.0, targeted for mid-February.


Email rejection notice after transmitting a T5 slip in ProFile 2019.2.0


ProFile users receive an email rejection notice after a T5 slip is transmitted to CRA using ProFile version 2019.2.0.

The email notice reads: “We are unable to process your submission because it does not conform to our specifications….”


This issue was fixed in ProFile release version 2019.2.5.


2018 T3 trust return calculating an incorrect Ontario basic additional tax.

The 2018 T3 trust return is calculating an incorrect Ontario basic additional tax for minimum tax purposes due to an incorrect percentage in Chart 2 of the T3 Ontario form. It is calculating 11.5% of line 48 of Schedule 12 when it should be 33.67%.


Tax Year 2019 print issues related to the T1Adjustment, comparative, and T183 forms are resolved.


Tax Year 2018 print issues related to the T1Adjustment, comparative, and T183 forms are resolved.


T2 RSI warning #0070004 displays on Part 4, table 1 of Schedule 7

An RSI warning may appear on line 2 at Part 4, table 1 of Schedule 7 once line 1 is completed. This prevents EFILE from completing.

Click here to review the full support article.

S5SK (S411) form produces inaccurate numbers when printed as PDF

The S5SK (S411) form currently available in ProFile is an incorrect version. As a result, some numbers may be inaccurate when PDF printing the form.

Click here to review the full support article.


TP1IncomeTax is using incorrect dividend tax credit

An incorrect dividend tax credit is used in the calculation of Quebec special tax on split income (line 4 on TP1 Income tax form) when the taxpayer has Eligible or Ordinary dividends subject to TOSI.

T5 Slip Foreign Country Name Notice

We’ve heard from a few customers that reminder message  for the “Name of foreign country” field on the T5 slip may not be visible to all.

The message is to remind users to choose a country when a client is reporting the foreign income or foreign tax paid on the boxes:

  • foreign tax paid (box 16) or,
  • foreign income (box 15) or,
  • foreign source equity linked notes interest (box 30)

Click here to review the full issue description.


NS428 incorrectly calculates spousal amount.

Nova Scotia Tax and Credits form (NS428) is calculating spousal credits when a client’s marital status is changed in the year to “divorced” but at no point they were married or common-law.

Click here to review the full issue description and resolution.


ProFile users encounter an error when using the “Import RQ Data” feature.

The "Import RQ Data" feature is currently not available in ProFile.

Click here to review the full issue description and estimated resolution time.


ProFile 20 license issue fixed

Previously, customers could not activate two ProFile 20 licenses on the same computer.

This release allows customers to have two ProFile 20 licenses of different years activated on the same computer.

ProFile 20 unused 2017 credits issue fixed

Previously, customers could not use any unused 2017 ProFile 20 credits after a license expired.

This release allows customers to use the un-used credits of the previous and current years.


CO-771 M&P Reduction Multiplier not calculating correctly


The XML file is not generating for T3 return because of the short date format.


T2 2016-2018 module calculation (Line 604) not refreshing and/or calculating in new files

XML file does not attach when T3 return undergoes EFILE

Print Issue: "Landscape" Forms are Printing in "Portrait" Orientation


If claiming expenditures at only line 216 on form T2SCH403, the schedule is not included in the Barcode or XML file transmitted to CRA


The header and/or footer of T2 forms are being “cut off” when physically printed


Provincial political contributions not calculating after 2016


Cannot carry forward 2016 Turbo Tax returns to ProFile 2017

T2 barcode prints as a separate job when a non-default printer is set

Printer selections ignored by ProFile when printing T2 (2015-2018)

Workarounds for TY2017 T2 “Print Unavailable” Issue

Hub is not asking users if they want to convert older T2 files using the latest T2 module

Hub does not support protected files

Pre-printing of some forms may not work for some customers


Hub is not reading some files with the designated tax year-end of “2015” and “2016”


S100 Notes are erased when re-opening an existing T2 return in 2017 T2 R1 release

S346/S5NS Nova Scotia Corporation Tax Calculation Does Not Calculate Correctly for Certain Scenarios

An error displays when using carry forward with TaxPrep files


T2 CO-17 files using ProFile's PDF password-protection cannot be read by Revenu Quebec

Negative ITC relating to the PPA calculated on S32Assist for Schedule 508


T1 Planner donation credits are calculated incorrectly for Federal and BC returns


S8Supp Net Book Value of capital assets, end of year, is incorrectly calculated for T2

T2SCH10 Cumulative Eligible Capital (CEC) Deduction is incorrectly calculated for corporations with taxation years that end on or after January 1, 2017 and include December 31, 2016

T2SCH1 Net Income (Loss) for Income Tax Purposes (2016 and later tax years): Some additions/deductions are not transmitted properly to CRA if file is locked


S32Assist: Rate calculation issues on S566 and S508

Auto-Fill my Return (AFR) data not importing for spousal returns

Some data is not importing correctly via Auto-fill my Return (AFR) for forms T4A and T4E


T1 Form MB479 ?Manitoba Credits? does not transmit contents of Box 6106 to CRA 


T1/TP1: Form TP-22 displays incorrect "do not file" warning message

T1 T1135 : Auditor warning occurs when "no" option is selected for foreign property question

Some TP1 batch efile functions may not properly display a confirmation


Family Linking Issue: ?Switch to Other Family Member? button unavailable


INF30925: PFTS 18030: T2 Known Issues in ProFile version 2016.1.0


T3 - INF30809: The Standard Disclaimer (entered at Module Option, Disclaimer tab, Standard Disclaimer) is not longer printing on AT1. Click here for workaround

PFTS 17535: T2 Schedule 384 Part 3 and Part 4 for tax years ending after December 31, 2015


This release contains multiple bug fixes for the ProFile Systems that affected T2 print.


T3 - Federal tax calculation on Schedule 11

T2 - Capital loss on Schedule 7

Schedule 402 and Schedule 403 are not calculating

Schedule 5, Line 625, Saskatchewan foreign tax credit does not update from S21P

T2-Bill C-2 Rate update in ProFile release 2015.4.7


PFTS-12570 T2 CFWD - Taxprep and Cantax SCH89 Data does not Carry-forward to ProFile CDA Schedule

PFTS-12426: Exclude S73 partnership accrual from CRA calculation - Part 1: Audit


T2 Rate Change (Bill C-2)

PFTS-13353: The command "EFILE the T1135 for this taxpayer" is always clickable regardless of module or tax year

PFTS-9998: CO-1029.8.36.SM and CO-1029.8.36.TM are out of date

PFTS-12625 T2 CFWD - S18 Part 7 Manitoba tax rate error for days after 2015


PFTS-12625: Manitoba tax rate error for days after 2015

PFTS-13263: T2 Schedules 552,554, and 558 are out of date


PFTS-12625: Catastrophic Error when Batch filing returns


PFTS-13460: TP1 Schedule K ? Incorrect health premium calculation


PFTS-13395: T5007 for Manitoba generates EFILE error 96130

PFTS-13390: T1032 - EFILE error 96802 generated if taxpayer and spouse are under 65

PFTS-13344: TP1 Schedule D generates NETFILE errors


PFTS-13127: T1-OVP form for 2015 in FX/FXQ displays correctly, but prints incorrectly as the 2014 form

PFTS-13099: Options menu display issues at higher DPI setting


PFTS10054: (T2) Lines 002 and 012 of Schedule 7 do not include gains/losses from Schedule 6, lines 899 and 901


PFTS9516: (T1/TP1) Incorrect CPP and QPP calculations when T4 slips have zero QPP deductions but do have QPP pensionable earnings

PFTS149: ProFile Workstation installations on Windows 8 fail with UAC errors


PFTS9447: Calculation of the Ontario Small Business Deduction for Large Corporations (S500)

PFTS9285: Large investment project amounts not included on CO-771 forms

PFTS8824: EFILE - S60, lines 242, 244, 246 (locked files)

PFTS8993 and 9119: Import CRA / RQ Data (duplicate slips)


PFTS9553: (T1/TP1) Incorrect dividend credit rates for BC and Nunavut for large dividends


PFTS9444: T691: Line 126 is not refreshing

PFTS9283: Social Benefit Repayment amounts incorrectly appear in Schedule Q

PFTS9262: CRA Import - Prior and subsequent year amounts not applied to Net Capital Loss

PFTS9259: TP1 Line 452 QPP overpayment amounts overstated in some situations

PFTS9256: Tax credit incorrectly claimed for senior activities for incomes over $40,000.

PFTS9253: T4RIF Box 24 amounts doubled on Schedule B in TP1 returns


PFTS9340: Claim disability amount (Spouse's INFO form)


PFTS9040: Identical DCN on coupled or family returns created in ProFile 3.1 or earlier

PFTS4365: Post-bankruptcy return with only T4 slips


PFTS8163: Printing form TPF-1.X in French

PFTS5882: (FX) Printed T3010B bar code returns do not correctly include accented characters


PFTS8065: Schedule 1-A: Family Tax Cut

PFTS8019: S100Notes GIFI Import


PFTS7978: GIFI File Import


PFTS5768: S506, Part 5, Line 420: Number of days is not calculated correctly

PFTS5325: Transitional tax debit/credit calculates beyond 5 year period

PFTS4763: Schedule 1, Line 310: miscalculation


PFTS7275: AutoUpdate fails to register the 2014 T1 module properly


PFTS6917: Error TP-1000.TE Part 3

PFTS5898: (FX, FX/Q) RL slips missing bar codes on first page

PFTS3860: ProfileUpdate.exe crashes (Windows XP)


PFTS5826: T3ON: Second threshold amount of surtax is incorrect


PFTS4422: Relev? 15, copy 4 prints as a blank page

PFTS4014: Schedule 1, Line 703/393: amount is duplicated

PFTS3922: GIFI 9980 Unrealized Gains/Losses

PFTS3681: ProFile Connect / ProFile Review: Uncertified Qu?bec forms display the 2012 version


PFTS4640: TP1 line 295: Amount for 'Deductions for certain income' is not calculated properly

PFTS4615: Foreign income slip sharing with spouse


PFTS4249: PST is applied on accounting services if the discounter's province is BC

PFTS4221: Calculation of OSBD on S500, Part 3, line 3


PFTS4194: T5013Detail / RL15Detail gross income is not prorated appropriately


PFTS4050: EFILE for both a client's 2012 and 2013 returns fails with a DCN error

PFTS4017: Billing worksheet amounts for the LE-35 form do not work in French templates

PFTS4015: T777 CCA amounts incorrectly transfer to GST-370 even when ineligible

PFTS3816: S506: Lines 300 and 340 not carried forward as of ProFile 2013.01

PFTS3700: Alberta Restricted Farm Loss on AS21


PFTS3908: T1DD, Direct Deposit Request Form (taxpayer's name)

PFTS3809: LE-35 and Line 445 of TP1 return


PFTS3793: Opening files with large number of slips causes data loss

PFTS3737: Unable to efile form T1013 in 2013 module

PFTS3733: Slips not marked for printing

PFTS3708: 2012 non-capital losses not applied against 2013 income

PFTS3687: ProFile Connect only supports English PDFs

PFTS3643: Incorrect RRSP/PRPP Deduction Amount on Line 10, Schedule 7 When Claiming the Saskatchewan Pension Plan Deduction

PFTS018001: EFILE Error 2169: Schedule 2, Line 10

PFTS017972: Some T1 Status Indian amounts not calculated correctly


PFTS008928: Obsolete Form T5011 Still Prints with a Partnership Return

PFTS017928: Daycare subsidies reported on T4A Box 28 carried to wrong lines

PFTS018143: Multiple T2125s Created Erroneously

PFTS018538: Bar Code Warning Message Prints on Amended Returns

PFTS018623: ProFile Fails to Check the Provincial Tax Threshold for Instalments Purposes

PFTS-2665: Incorrect Calculation on Schedule7, Part 5, Line m


PFTS018164: Overpayment incorrectly appears on T2204 form

PFTS017987: Amount on SK428 at line 77 is not accurate

PFTS017984: QPP line 10 is not posting amount from line 101 of TP1

PFTS017970: T4 post-bankruptcy amounts don't appear in Schedule 1 for Qu?bec residents

PFTS017614: Review Marks: Preparer/Partner Sign Off


PFTS018539: Decimal Point in CO-17 XML File Was Replaced by a Comma in French


PFTS017322: Form FIN542 (BC) - BC Logging Tax Return of Income to be deprecated in 2013

PFTS017768: New Rate of Prescribed Proxy Amount is Not Reflected on Provincial Form (S32Assist)

PFTS018110: AT1, line 091: make cheque payable to

PFTS018167: Incorrect calculation for corporation income tax within S71


PFTS018145: T1274 AgriStability Sections 8-12 not built into .TAX file


PFTS017531: 2012 RL-15 slip cannot be used for filing (still in DRAFT format)

PFTS017758: Bankruptcy return does not calculate amount for QC residents on Schedule 1, line 308

PFTS017844: Miscalculation of CPP basic exemption in the year the taxpayer starts receiving CPP retirement benefits

PFTS017719: T5006: Unable to Enter Data if Resident of QC or Province of Employment is ?Multiple?

PFTS017720: RC360: Previously Claimed Tuition Rebate IS NOT Carried Forward Properly

PFTS017744: GST/HST Credit Calculations Are Incorrect

PFTS017739: Unable to print COR17.U

PFTS017721: T5013Detail: Calculation of Partner?s Adjusted Cost Base (ACB)


NetFiling TP1 Returns (some returns are rejected)

EFILING T1013s Fails


Override Issue with T2038 Carry Forward

T1 General - Condensed form displays 'Debug' view


Incorrect calculation of QPP contributions for 2012 (T4/RL1)

2011 T1013 EFILE Submission Results in Unrecognized Error

EFILE for the 2012 version of the T1013 form is not yet available

Carryforward fails in FX returns with T4 employment amounts

ProFile Connect and other SDK applications fail from a network installation or a Workstation Install

ProFile Fails to Properly Reopen a Launched Window When it Restarts


TY12 Trial License Code (Exception Error)


FX/Q Displays in ProFile for Unlicensed Users


T5013S1 not calculating amounts correctly

'Out of Memory' error (Classic Database Batch Carry Forward)

Windows 7 & XP users: ProFile may show the wrong default folder for the Client Explorer

ProFile opening in English when using French settings in Windows 7

Auto-Update feature does not work for ProFile 2011.0.0

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