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QuickBooks Time + Xero integration: Create, edit and delete an invoice

Note: You must be an account administrator in QuickBooks Time to create, edit, or delete invoices. Invoices sync seamlessly between QuickBooks Time and Xero and will appear in both places.

Basic invoice flow

  1. Contacts, customers, inventory items (along with their billing rates), and Employees (if in Australia) are set up in Xero.
  2. These items are then imported into QuickBooks Time.
  3. Employees use QuickBooks Time to track hours worked, indicating which customers they worked for, and which services were performed.
  4. The administrator or payroll manager then creates an invoice in QuickBooks Time. The invoice is marked DRAFT.
  5. The invoice is synced to Xero, where they can be reviewed and sent to customers. Invoices are then marked as SENT.
  6. When the invoice is paid, it is automatically marked as PAID in QuickBooks Time.

To create an invoice

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select Xero at the top right > Invoicing.
  2. In the Invoices window, select New Invoice.
  3. In the Invoice Options window, select a customer and set the filters:
    • Who do you want to bill?: Displays all Xero Contacts. If time has been tracked against that contact, the number of uninvoiced hours display next to it. If a Contact is selected that has not been added as a Customer in QuickBooks Time or has no time tracked, it opens a “Select Work to Bill” option to choose a QuickBooks Time Customer’s time to invoice to that Contact.
    • If you choose Selected next to the Filter by filters, employees and inventory items imported from Xero display as choices, as well as any items from Custom fields you added in QuickBooks Time. If no time has been tracked by the selected employees or against the selected customers or inventory items, an invoice with no line items displays. You can then add items into the invoice manually.
    • Time: By default, All Uninvoiced time is selected. Select the drop-down to choose a week, month, or date range.
    • Summarize Invoice by...: Choose how you would like your invoice to appear. Detailed displays all information attached to any timesheet on that invoice.
  4. Select Create Invoice and a draft invoice displays.
  5. Review the invoice, make edits (if needed), and select Save Invoice or Save Invoice & View in Xero.

To edit an invoice

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to the Invoices list, select an invoice, and do one of the following:
    • Add a line item: At the bottom, select Add Line Item.
    • Edit individual entries: Select in any field (except Amount, which is an automated calculation), and make your changes.
    • Reorder a line: Select the Xero, and drag the line up, down, or into the Write Off box (if shown).
    • Write off a line item: To the right of the amount, select Write Off. The line item displays in the Write Off box below the invoice. To return it to the uninvoiced section, drag it up, or uncheck Write Off.
    • Delete a line item: Select X .
    • Note: A deleted line item will not be considered "invoiced" and will appear on a later invoice for that customer. A line item that is written off will be considered "invoiced" and will not appear on a later invoice.
  2. Select Save Invoice or Save Invoice & View in Xero.

In Xero: Make your edits in Xero. They will also display in QuickBooks Time.

To delete an invoice

Note: Only draft (unsent) invoices can be deleted.

  • In QuickBooks Time, open an invoice, at the bottom left, select the Trashcan icon (Trashcan), and confirm by selecting Delete.
  • Or, delete the invoice in Xero. The invoice will also be automatically deleted in QuickBooks Time.

To sync invoices between QuickBooks Time and Xero

Invoices are synced when you select any of the following:

  • Xero > Invoicing
  • Xero > Import
  • Select the Sync icon (Sync)
  • Save Invoice

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