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Set up a TSheets account and link it to Square

Note: After November 19, 2020, timesheets and employees will no longer be imported to TSheets from Square. Check out our other integration options.

Setting up a TSheets account from and linking it to Square allows:

  • Employees to clock in and out from either app
  • Special TSheets prices

Sign up for TSheets from Square

  1. Sign into Square, and select Employees.
  2. If you have not already, turn on Employee Login:
    1. Select an employee name.
    2. In the Create Employee Login box, select Start Your Free 30-Day Trial.
    3. Enter your payment card information, and select Confirm.
    4. Select the button next to EMPLOYEE LOGIN.
  3. Create and link your TSheets account:
    1. On the left, select Apps, then scroll down to TSheets.
    2. Select Get Started, then Allow.
    3. Enter your information, select the I agree checkbox, then select Create Account. Note: We recommend a maximum of 10 characters for the company name part of your TSheets web address.
    4. Select Next until you get to the Do you want to connect to one of the following systems? window.
    5. Select Square, and select Next, then Connect to Square.
    6. In the First we need to connect to Square window, select Connect to Square, and sign in.
    7. Back in the First we need to connect to Square window, select Next.
    8. In the remaining windows, make your selections, selecting Next, then Close.

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