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TSheets and QuickBooks Online integration FAQs

To set up the TSheets + QBO integration, see: How to Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Online


Q: Which versions of QuickBooks Online can integrate with TSheets?
A: TSheets integrates with both QuickBooks Online Plus, Essentials, and Advanced.

Q: What is the benefit of using QuickBooks Online to sync with TSheets?
A: Using QuickBooks Online to sync with TSheets allows you and your employees to track time on-the-go. You can use that time data for automated payroll and invoicing, and to help with your job costing needs.

Q: How do I get information to transfer to and from QuickBooks?
A: Within TSheets, at the top right corner, select the QuickBooks dropdown menu. This provides you with the options to import new information and export timesheet information to QuickBooks.

Q: Can TSheets change my company file information?
A: Absolutely not! The only information that TSheets adds to QuickBooks is approved timesheet data.

Q: Can I import and export at the same time?
A: No. To make the sync faster and give you more control over what happens, TSheets has split the importing and exporting process into two different actions. These two actions can be performed back to back though.
Note: Additions and changes in QuickBooks will automatically import into TSheets every 1 minute. The sync log will display (Auto) next to the automatic imports.

  • To disable or restrict this automatic import, go to QuickBooks > Preferences and, under Automatic import from QuickBooks, make your selections.
  • A manual import can still be performed if needed. In the upper right corner of TSheets, select QuickBooks Import.

Q: What does TSheets import from QuickBooks?
A: TSheets imports your active employees, suppliers, customers/sub-customers, service items, classes, and pay items. Additions and changes to these in QBO will automatically import into TSheets every 1 minute. See: How to Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Online



Q: How do I add a new employee?
A: Add employees in QuickBooks in the the Employees or Payroll menu, then Employee tab. Once you have entered their information, wait for the auto-import. Or, in TSheets, at the top right, select QuickBooks > Import. Remember to invite your employees to use TSheets.

Q: Why didn't my employees' pay rates show up in TSheets?
A: Since TSheets does not do any payroll calculations, we do not import pay rates. For reference only, if you want to enter individual pay rates: In TSheets, go to My Team.

Customers and Jobs

Q: Can my employees track time against customers and jobs?
A: Yes, if customers are assigned to employees, they will be asked to select a customer or project before they can clock in. You also have the option of asking employees to select a service item, a class, and to indicate if their time is billable.

Q: How do I remove a customer/job from TSheets?
A: Once you mark the customer or job as inactive or deleted in QuickBooks, in TSheets, perform another import. This will remove the customer and / or job from TSheets. Alternately, you can remove the customer from TSheets. Go to Customers > Pencil Icon next to the customer > uncheck Assign to Everyone. The customer will no longer be visible to employees. You can also remove the customer from TSheets by clicking the X. The customer will not reactivate in subsequent syncs, unless it is edited in Quickbooks, triggering the re-activation.

Q: Can I bring a customer or job back if I delete it in TSheets?
A: Yes. Just open the client editor, don't change anything, then select  Save. This will update the "last modified" date, and if you do another import into TSheets, it will reactivate that customer or job.

Service Items

Q: Does the billable rate of a service item apply to employee timesheets in QuickBooks?
A: Yes. If you've set up a billable rate to be associated with a service item in QuickBooks, when you export the hours to QuickBooks, they will contain the billable rate associated with them for QuickBooks invoices.

Tracking and Exporting Time

Q: Can I track my time as billable within TSheets?
A: Yes. Just select this option within TSheets: At the top right, select  QuickBooks > Preferences, and select the billable option (also check Require Billable Yes/No if you would like this field required). Then when your employees clock in and out they will be asked if their hours were billable or not, which will be reflected when the hours are exported to QBO.

Q: If an employee adds a note to their time card, where will that show in QBO?
A: When timesheet data is exported to QBD, it displays in the notes field in Weekly Timesheets.

Q: I exported my employee's time to QuickBooks but had to make adjustments to the timesheet in QuickBooks. Will those changes sync in TSheets?
A: Hours that are entered on the QBO Weekly Timesheet or Single Time Activity do not sync with TSheets. But, hours that are added or edited in the QuickBooks Approve Time page are. See: How to Add, Edit, and Delete Employee Hours Within QuickBooks Online

Q: Can I review the hours before it gets sent to QuickBooks?
A: Yes. See: How to Approve Hours Within QuickBooks Online.

Q: If I'm having trouble with my TSheets and QuickBooks integration, how do I get problems resolved?
A: Feel free to reach out to the TSheets Support team! We'll do our best to help resolve any issues, and also assist you in escalating the problem to QuickBooks support if necessary.

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