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TSheets + Xero Integration FAQs


Q: In which countries is the Xero integration supported?
A: The Xero integration for invoicing is available in the US, Australia, and all other countries where Xero is available. Integrating for payroll is only available in Australia.

Q: What all is imported from Xero into TSheets?
A: TSheets can import Customers/Contacts, Inventory Items, and Categories, depending on preferences. If you are located in Australia, TSheets can import Employees.


Q: How are Xero customers and contacts populated in TSheets?
A: Customers and contacts are imported from Xero into TSheets. Customers (contacts that have been invoiced) are automatically added via import, but contacts must be added this way: In TSheets, in the top right, select Xero > Preferences > Manage Xero Customers > find and select your Xero contacts you want imported in as TSheets customers, then select Add Customers.

Q: Where should I create, edit, and delete customers?
A: Always create, edit, and delete customers in Xero, then import them into TSheets.

Q: Where do customers appear in TSheets?
A: Go to Customers.

Q: How do I assign customers to a team member?
A: You can assign all customers to all team members during setup, or not, by choosing Assign imported customers to all employees. This option can be selected/deselected later for future imported customers. Individual assignments can be changed by going to Customers > select the pencil icon > check or uncheck Assign to all team members (if unchecking, select Edit to assign individuals).

Inventory Items and Categories

Q: Where do inventory items appear in TSheets?
A: If inventory items are imported into TSheets, they will become a selection on timesheets. This field can be made required by going to the Xero dropdown > Preferences > check Require employees to select an Inventory Item.  An inventory item can only import if it is not marked with "I track this item" in Xero.

Q: What happens if I assign categories in Xero? (Australia only)
A: If you add a "Timesheet Categories" Category option in Xero, these will become a required selection on timesheets. Then, when you export hours worked to Xero, the category information is included on the timesheets. Note: When paid breaks are exported to Xero, the tracking category from the nearest timesheet will be used with the paid break.

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