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Paid bills are becoming unpaid after upgrading

You may notice the following 3 issues after upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop  QuickBooks Desktop 2017:

  • Paid Bills becoming unpaid and showing negative amounts
  • Names going missing from transactions
  • Supplier names getting replaced with customer names

What you can try now

These steps explain how to restore a backup from local media, such as a CD, USB flash drive, or hard drive.

  1. From the File menu, select Open or Restore Company.
  2. Select Restore a Backup Copy and click Next.
  3. Select Local Backup and click Next.
  4. From the Look In drop-down, select the location of the backup file, and then select the file name of the backup file (.qbb file extension).
  5. Click Open. The Restore Backup to Location window opens.
  6. Click Next. The Restore To window opens.
  7. From the Save-in drop-down, select the location to restore the file to.
  8. Enter a new file name in the Filename field, giving it a .qbw extension.
  9. Click Save and then carefully read any message that appears before you restore the file.

Caution: If at any time you receive one of the following messages, Intuit recommends that you click No.

  • [Filename].qbw already exists. Do you wish to replace it?
  • You are choosing to overwrite an existing company file. Are you sure?

If you click Yes in response to these messages, your restored file will overwrite your existing file. Instead, enter a temporary file name with a .qbw extension in the Filename field (such as MyCompany_Restored.qbw). After you are certain the restored file is functioning properly and contains the correct data, you can rename the original file (such as MyCompany_Old.qbw), and then rename the restored file to the original company file name.


QuickBooks Desktop 2017 R5 prevent most occurrences of this issue, and have also been shown to fix some files in which this issue already exists. If you are upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2017 or updating your existing version of QuickBooks Desktop 2017, create a backup beforehand in the version you are using now.

At Intuit, we strive to provide the highest quality product by assigning resources to address the issues with the biggest customer impact. In some cases such as this one, additional fixes will not be immediately available but may still be included in a future release.

Any future updates on this issue will be included in this help article.

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