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Add notes to your current timesheet or a previous timesheet in QuickBooks Time

How to Add Notes to Your Current Timesheet

Note: To add notes to your current timesheet, your account administrator must add the "Allow team members to enter notes on Time Clock" permission in Company Settings.

Via Computer

On Time Clock or Manual Time Card, in the NOTES box, enter your notes. (You may need to clock in first to see the NOTES box.) The notes are saved automatically.

Via Android

  1. On Time Clock, tap Notes.
  2. Enter your notes, and tap DONE.

Via iPhone or Other iOS Device

  1. On Time Clock, tap Enter Notes.
  2. Enter your notes, and tap Save.

How to Add or Edit Notes on a Previous Timesheet


  • To  add or edit notes, your company's QuickBooks Time account administrator must grant one of the following permissions:
    • In Company Settings: Allow team members to manage their own timesheets or Allow team members to edit their past notes
    • In Team Member Details: Manage my timesheets
    • In Company Settings: Allow team members to edit their past notes
  • You can only add to or edit notes on timesheets that have not yet been submitted for approval; however, after submission, you can view past notes via Manual Time Card (Time Entries Manual Time Card).

Via Computer

  1. Go to Time Entries Timesheets tab.
  2. From Timesheets, locate the timesheet, and select the pencil (pencil icon).
  3. In the NOTES box, enter your notes, and select Save.


  1. Go to Reports Payroll Report.
  2. Select the report dates, and select Run Report.
  3. Select your name, and scroll down to the timesheet.
  4. Hover over the row, and on the left, select the Edit timesheet icon ().
  5. In the Timesheet Editor window, add your notes, and select Save.

Via Mobile Device

  1. Tap Timesheets, and select a timesheet.
  2. Tap the pencil icon in the top right, then tap Notes.
  3. Enter your notes, and select DONE.
  4. Tap Save Save.

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