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How to carry forward other supplier files

Carry forward refers to the process of importing a return (or a batch of returns) from the previous year.

ProFile allows for the carry forward of other supplier's files, including Cantax, TurboTax, DT Max, TaxCycle and Taxprep tax returns.

Version (Year)2020202120202020
Tax UpdatesYYYY
Bug FixesYYYY

Note: ProFile recommends that preparers wait until the fileable release of the ProFile T1 module before carrying forward the majority of files. The first filing release typically has changes to ensure the smoothest and most-complete carry forward of the previous year's files. For T1, this is the R2 release (for example, 2020.2.0).

ModuleVersion Support
T1Taxprep: Up to version 2020.v5.0 (iFirm is currently not supported.)

Cantax: Cantax versions are supported up to 20.5.303.121.

TaxCycle: T1 module supports T1 2020 files

DT Max version 2020 v24.30: T1 supports tax year from 2017 to 2019 (carry forward of Quebec forms is not supported for DT Max)

TurboTax desktop carry forward support begins in ProFile R1 version (for example, 2019.1.0)
T2Taxprep: 2018 V2.0, 2018v2.1, 2019 v1.0, 2020v1.1 and 2021v1.0 (iFirm is currently not supported.)

Cantax: 2018.1.307.100, 2018.2.307.126, 2018.2.307.131, 2019.1.307.100, 2019.2.307.106, 2020.1.307.104 and 2021.1.307.100

TaxCycle: T2 module supports T2 2016-2021 files

DT Max version 24.30: T2 supports tax year end from 2019-2021

T3Taxprep: 2021.v3.0 is the latest version supported. (iFirm is currently not supported.)
FXTaxprep: 2020 v1, 2020 v2, 2020 v3, 2020 v4 (iFirm is currently not supported.)

Cantax: 2020 v1, 2020 v2, 2020 v3, 2020 v4

Note: Remove any existing password protection on the other supplier file prior to undertaking carry forward into ProFile.

Review our dedicated support article for full carry forward details for TaxCycle.

Review our dedicated support article for full details on how to carry forward DTMax files to ProFile.

Note: Remove any existing password protection on the supplier file prior to undertaking carry forward into ProFile.

1. Select the Carry Forward? option from the File dropdown menu.

The Carry forward file window displays.

2. In the Files of type: field, select the type of file to carry forward (for example, TaxPrep T2 2020 (*.219)):


3. In the Look in field, select folder location of the return to carry forward:


4. Select the individual return to carry forward from the list of returns (for example, T20025.219):


5. Select the Carry Forward button:


Note: Remove any existing password protection on the supplier file before undertaking carry forward into ProFile.

  1. Open the Client Explorer to import multiple tax returns at once.
  2. Click the Index button in the top View bar.
  3. Click Browse and browse to the location where you saved your third-party files are saved.
  4. Click the checkbox for Select File Types. Below is a box where you can select year, module and file type and include Cantax, TurboTax and TaxPrep files.


5. Click OK. After the files are indexed, select them in Client Explorer and click Carry forward files... in the Actions panel.

carry forward client explorer.jpg

Undertake the carrying forward separately for different modules. For the T1 module, files need to be batch carried forward separately by year.

  1. Select the Module option from the Options dropdown menu in the top toolbar menu.
  2. Select the appropriate tax year for the module (for example, 2018 T1/TP1).
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Select the appropriate options from the Carry forward files section of the General tab.
  5. Select the OK button.

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